Handling annoying DC and leaving the void

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Handling annoying DC and leaving the void

Postby Chalk » 26 Aug 2014 08:36

I would like to ask two questions.
They both originate from the same dream:

I'm with a friend in my grandparents house. He's being scared by a dark form, which leads to me becoming lucid. I try to calm him and show him my new technique; drawing doors on the floor and use them as portal to another dream scene. But he manages to summon new scary DC's every-time I try to draw my door to show him. I explain that it's only a dream and the DC's change in less malicious versions of themselves but they don't leave. In the end I start to fail to push the DC's back and have to force myself through my portal. Which leads to me entering the "void". He followed me. But because of the constant distraction my intention was quite week and my fear of reentering the same scene becomes "reality". He points me to a carpet in the room, where I draw another door by changing the direction of the hairs on the carpet, but I'm convinced that I'm awake (FA). I lose lucidity and fail to enter this portal, from where-on the non-lucid dream continues.

One: how to handle dream characters that are distracting you?
Two: how to strengthen the visualization that a portal would lead to another scene or how do I leave the void without losing lucidity?

PS: I'm not native English, so if I invent some unknown words, see it as a reality check.

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Re: Handling annoying DC and leaving the void

Postby LucidityMaster » 26 Aug 2014 08:53

Hey Chalk, I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Good job on noticing your dream signs!

The dream chaining technique (DEILD) is the best method for changing the scene of a dream. When you notice the dream becomes unstable, or dream characters start interfering with the plot, you can dream spin.
Think of dream spinning as your personal life saving device in the dream. After spinning around like a small child, remain completely still with your eyes closed. You can then concentrate on leaving your body, entering an OBE dream. You have a good chance of entering another lucid dream.

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Re: Handling annoying DC and leaving the void

Postby Chalk » 26 Aug 2014 14:46

Hello, and thank you.

I'll try it out.
I tried the spinning before but it didn't work for me, I even had trouble spinning because I thought my arms would collide with walls. Maybe with my arms against my body and closing my eyes afterwards it will work. Though that still makes me enter the void, I hope that by focusing on reentering my body I'll keep my lucidity and avoid the visualization problem of trying to recreate a new scene. I'll try the body reentry first and than a preconditioned scene that I'll have thoroughly explored before sleeping.

I'll post the results once I have them.

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