Psychology and Lucid Dreaming

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Psychology and Lucid Dreaming

Postby Philozopher777 » 28 Aug 2014 23:26

Recently I have been experimenting with both Lucid Dreaming and Psychology. While most psychologist do not accept the idea of making Lucid Dreaming a branch of Psychology, I think the two areas go hand and hand when dealing with the brain.

Scientist say we only use 7% of our brain. But when we are sleep, it is possible to use up to our full potential. It is truly a beautiful gift to be able to use so frequently. Almost half of our days are spent sleeping -dreaming.

In a dream world (they are many) a person can have the powers of a God. Most people believe this is where religion started. Dreams were perceived as a second life for some. It's kind of cool if you think about it. To dream is to let your subconscious take the wheel of your entire being. A dream engulfs you; presents a heaven or hell that suits your true desire.

What is "The True Desire"? Well, that is the whole point of what we like to call, Lucid Dreaming. Over the years, Lucid Dreaming has taken many forms. One most people are familiar with is Astral Projection. We all know what this is, so I'll skip the details. The concept of Astral Projection is to travel deep within yourself, studying who you use to be, and making certain changes within yourself that will make you a better person (or the opposite, if circumstances line up).

As a Psychologist, when experimenting with Astral Projection (AKA, Lucid Dreaming), I wanted experience Astral Projection in a Godlike manner. Someone who watches over myself completely. I ask questions and travel through my deepest fear, fighting my greatest demons. Most of the time the dream world set up a scenario for me to figure my way out. Usually it's through test of survival and wit. I can die, or fight to the death. In the end, my hands are covered in blood, and the covers are tightly clenched between my fingers.

Today I want to bring a new thread to interpret dreams. I love writing stories. It has been my passion, right beside Psychology. It would be interesting to get ideas and interpret and have other interpret my dreams. Below is a snippet of my Lucid Dream from the other night.

(The surroundings were of a city, one disfigured and misplaced. I knew it was just another dream, because I miss the city. It's been way to long since I been there. Next to me was my brother. I never get to see him. It's a painful fact because he's my closest friends. So this made it another sign of my lack of consciousness. Once everything was settled and I knew it was a dream, everything changed. No longer was I in a city… No. It was a city, but this one was in ruins.

My eyes darted around the perimeter, catching sight of a small child around the age of 6. I ran toward him as fast as I could, never thinking twice. Something about this place felt off. Like something whispered, "Kill… Kill." over and over in my ear. I stopped in front of that child. Looking into his face I saw my brother, but a younger form of him. He looked me in the eye and I could tell this was just an innocent child.

Out of nowhere, someone tackled me to the ground. He wrestled me down, but I wasn't scared. Quickly all the training in the real world came out, and before he could expect, I flipped the position, going into a mount position. On pure instinct, punches fell upon him, all being thrown by me. I tried my best to kill the man, and right before the final blow, he pulled out a knife from his holster. I grabbed his wrist before he could use it before delivering the final blow.

Instantly, I felt a hand grabbed the collar of my shirt. I grabbed the knife out of the other guys hand and turned around and brought the blade into my attackers chest. The body fell cold into my arms, then onto the ground as I shrugged him off.

I looked back at the child, and to my surprise, another attacker had him by the throat. The cold voice of this thing instructed me to stay back, or else he'd kill the boy. I did as I was told. He was the one calling the shots. It was my brother after all. The memories of him started to flash in the background. I remembered us playing in the backyard of our friend's house in Chicago, back when I lived in the city. I knew I missed them both very much -the city and my brother.

The look in this mans soulless eyes only made my stomach turn. It was not a good feeling at all. I looked around for something… ANYTHING! But my luck came up short. At least, this was my assumption.

Right when I lost hope, a man came out of nowhere, snapping the mans neck. This man became a friend, and we met his friends, joining a group. We fought a few battles with these people who attacked earlier. The were known as drifters. Their soul purpose was to kill the boy, and my lesson in the story was to keep my brother safe.

I killed many people that night. When I woke up the tingle in my hand remained. I could feel the knife gripped so firmly, ready to protect. It was almost instinct.)

Have fun with this one. Share yours! I love hearing your dreams.

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