2 Lucid Dreams in 2 nights

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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2 Lucid Dreams in 2 nights

Postby wispulation » 30 Aug 2014 22:04

OK To start off by saying These dreams happened once a night for 2 nights It was a very vivid dream and it was very detailed and everything was very clear i remember the surroundings and everything

Ld #1
I was outside some sort of house it was a nice and sunny day I started to walk around Thinking how i got here my dream realization isnt brilliant but it is there i started to wonder have i seen this house before How did I get here then it hit me, litterally something hit me i got off from off the ground and saw this tall Figure who was looking at me with no emotions I asked who the heck are you and he replied " I am you Look at your surroundings what do you see" So i looked around it all seamed pretty normal until I saw something It was books with wings flying in the sky (yes i watched the cat in the hat before i went to sleep so thats what brought it on) and then he said "Do you know whats happening" he came right up to my ear and whispered two words "Lucid Dreaming" then i knew he was my dream figure and i was dreaming but far in the distance I heared a Load dinging noise It starteled me so much i woke up, I found out it was my alarm clock because i was trying a WBTB method, i couldent get back into my dream from them.
Ld #2
I was in some sort of greenhouse with plants growing everywhere I had this uneasy feeling i was being watched Then out of nowhere 3 people walked in it was the main cast from the Movie Now you see me I was quite suprised I didnt realise i was dreaming they said "come with us if you want to live" So i went with them so i started to run but then i realised we were being chased by a tall figure in brown coat and a hat covering his face he went to grab me but missed suddenly my leg was feeling weird it was getting harder to run so one of the people grabbed me and i could run again suddenly there was a change of scene It was very weird i was in the same house as the last dream but a bit further down the garden The people were still there but then i saw me at the bottom of the garden and he had knifes in his hand and started throwing them at us a few got me in the leg it was really bad pain but when i looked there was no knife there I jumped into a bush then thought what was happening it all added up I said to myself " Ok A copy of me is throwing knifes at me there are really famous people in this weird garden of a weird house it all added up Im Dreaming" so when i got out of the bush My copy wasent there neither were the famous people i just walked to the bottom of the garden there was this big metal gate and i walked right throught it like it wasent even there I wanted to fly i have never tried that before so I started jumping the jumps got higher and higher until i was flying the scenery was like it was repeating itself then the dream was getting hazy I knew my time was over so i woke up

I Have some questions about the dream hopefully you can answer then
1) Why was it Myself throwing knifes at me am i trying to tell myself somethings wrong?
2) Why was the senery repeating when i was flying?
3) Why did my Dream figure tell me i was dreaming?
Thanks All
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Re: 2 Lucid Dreams in 2 nights

Postby torakrubik » 30 Aug 2014 22:42

1) Hard to say, pose that question in the dream interpretation section and see what people say!
2) One possible reason I can think of is that the dream was ending and so the visuals were shutting down, causing a repetition. Could be wrong though, who knows?
3) Assuming you had been thinking a fair bit about lucid dreaming prior to your dream, perhaps some of those thoughts were subconsciously leaking into your dream, and hence made you lucid. This is actually a legitimate method for inducing lucid dreams!

Hope these answers helped.
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Re: 2 Lucid Dreams in 2 nights

Postby taniaaust1 » 31 Aug 2014 11:45

Congratulations esp with successfully flying (that isnt easy for all of us).

I Have some questions about the dream hopefully you can answer then
1) Why was it Myself throwing knifes at me am i trying to tell myself somethings wrong?
2) Why was the senery repeating when i was flying?
3) Why did my Dream figure tell me i was dreaming?

1/ From your dream it appears you've been attacking yourself in some way (blaming yourself, putting yourself down.. doing something not nice to yourself). Be more kind to yourself
2/ I'd think the scenery repeating may of been dream symbolism of some kind, that isnt common. Maybe in life you are feeling like you are having to do the same things over and over? or feel like you arent getting anywhere with life?
3/ Its great when our subconsciousness helps us like that and works with oneself. Your subconsciousness knows what you wish to do and obviously you dont have much in the way of blocks there so its helping you.
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