Is this lucidity?

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Is this lucidity?

Postby Dreamscape101 » 15 May 2012 19:29

Okay, this is what happened:
Last night I awoke at about six. I was really tired but for the heck of it I decided to do a reality check by looking at my hands. I wasn't dreaming.
So about I closed my eyes and a few seconds later I THINK I was asleep, because I didn't willingly 'day-dream'. I was with my mum and we were talking about reality checks. Nothing just yet. My mum then said "I think I have some money for the reality check." she got out her purse and then I said "Oh no don't worry, the easiest reality check is looking at a clock. So to demonstrate I bent down to look at my bed side clock and it was all blurry and squiggly. Then it hit me, "Oh my God, I'm dreaming!"

I closed my eyes and tried to remain calm, knowing that getting exited pushes the dream away. After taking a few deep breaths I was inside a warehouse with loads of hovering kitchen appliances! I considered the idea of flying but then remembered as this was my first lucid dream to take it slow, so I tried telekinesis. I held out my hand and this flying blob in the distance moved towards me, then back, then forwards and it was gone. It moved so rapid!
My mum was at one end of the warehouse and she said "Shouldn't you be planning my surprise party?" which was weird but then she walked off and my friend from school appeared. Nothing much happened but long story short I knocked down a pile of thumb tacks and she scolded me, then she touch the wall and a whole WALL of thumb tacks fell down. Then I woke up.

Why I think it's lucidity:
- When with my mum at first, I didn't imagine or will the outcomes of the scenario. They just occurred like a regular dream and I accepted it as reality.
- I said the words "I'm dreaming!" and my head actually hurt while I was being transported to the warehouse, it was weird!
- I couldn't read the clock at all

Why I think it's not lucidity:
- It was soooooo blurry! Nothing like real life, more like an actual dream. There was no detail on anything!
- I haven't done a reality check in ages (other than the one I did at six in the morning for the heck of it, and the only reason I did that is because the other night I had the chance to be lucid because I had a kind of 'false awakening')
- I didn't really have control so much. I think I automatically turned to my friend and looked up to the floaty things, but I never said to myself "Now look around".
- The second I shut my eyes I was in this dream place where I did my reality check. I didn't think it was that quick!
- I didn't use any special methods to get to sleep to induce Lucid dreaming

The odds are stacked against lucidity but I wanted some professional advice, please help me!

Yours faithfully,

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Re: Is this lucidity?

Postby LucidKey13 » 17 May 2012 05:08

Well, you definetly had the 'aha! I'm dreaming moment!' And I personally believe that lucid dreams don't have to contain you controlling the dream and that they can still be blurry - especially if your just starting out..but I'm no expert. :)
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Re: Is this lucidity?

Postby Peter » 17 May 2012 07:12

sounds pretty good and for now its best to take whatever comes along and enjoy it. If you start comparing with others it will ruin the experience and what is your journey
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Re: Is this lucidity?

Postby Snaggle » 17 May 2012 12:27


There are a number of variables in any lucid dream.

Do you know you're dreaming (= semi-lucid)?
Do you know you're dreaming and have your real memories (=lucid)

Are all ones senses active? or is ones dream vivid?

Is the dream stable? Stable dreams have stable dreamscapes and stable characters and stuff looks realistic and does not shift just by looking at it again.

How much control does one have in the dream? In dreams with control one can alter the environment, characters and objects. Note: intentional manipulation is not the same as things changing on their own

Emotional vividness- characters seem to have real minds, that react normally and can inspire emotions in you and you can affect their moods.

Emotional intensity- When in a LD one can be experiencing intense emotion.

Emotional control- the ability to change the dominant emotion one is experiencing.
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Re: Is this lucidity?

Postby Shadow » 17 May 2012 21:13

It sounds like you were semi-lucid. Read rebecca's article on how to increase dream clarity

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Re: Is this lucidity?

Postby HAGART » 21 May 2012 05:48

That sounds like a lucid dream to me.
You said that
Dreamscape101 wrote:Nothing like real life, more like an actual dream.
I get lucid dreams all the time in which I am in a dreamscape. Things are not like real life, but some dreams are more vivid and detailed than others. Most "real life" dreams I get start as a false awakening. If I have a DILD then it is usually very dream-like, but lucid non-the-less as long as you know you are dreaming when you are dreaming. You don't even have to control anything in the dream, as long as you know it is a dream. It is like your conscious self wakes up in the dream, but you still remain dreaming. I had many great, long, lucid dreams, but even I get some very short, weird ones too.
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