4 Lucid Dreams without thinking about them?

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4 Lucid Dreams without thinking about them?

Postby wispulation » 04 Sep 2014 19:01

OK, about 2 days ago now I had 4 lucid dreams 1 on 1 night 4 days in a row and i was wondering something I was wondering why i had them I didn't think about LD before i went to sleep I didn't even read up about it before going to bed and yet I went inside the dream realized i was dreaming and had a LD I was also wondering Rebecca when she was little didn't read up on LD either and she had them so do i have something she had or B, Ive read up on Lucid dreaming so much that I don't have to think about it at all going to bed but i think i have to train my mind real hard and be a lucid dreaming pro I'm really confused about this Obviously yes i loved the dream and i loved having them I know this isn't natural because Non lucid dreams have 1 Lucid dream per month So if anyone can tell me what it is that's happening and how i can carry it on I would be very grateful
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Re: 4 Lucid Dreams without thinking about them?

Postby LucidityMaster » 10 Sep 2014 08:38

I am kind of in the same position as you are.

I can induce 4 to 5 lucid dreams a night, but I have no clue how I actually do if.

I use HILD techniques (hybrid) and these allow me to lucid dream at will.

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Re: 4 Lucid Dreams without thinking about them?

Postby KittyDreamer » 15 Sep 2014 04:44

I am the same! I have had lucid dreams my whole life only I didn't know what lucid dreaming was till last year (i am 27). I think there are just a lot of people who are able to do it without realising. This is what I am just discovering now.

I lucid dream most nights usually towards the end of a 4 hour sleep cycle. so either around 1/2am and then again at 5/6am.

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