Regarding my plan for a first lucid dream

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Regarding my plan for a first lucid dream

Postby Postman » 17 May 2012 03:24

I have been reading a HUGE amount on lucid dreaming the past two weeks, trying to almost every night.

I started trying MILD, with little success, I had a lucid dream in a dream. I drempt of myself being lucid, changing the world as I please.

After a while of no success with MILD, i decided to try WILD, and have finally said that I'm ready to try it despite the possibility of hallucinations if I open my eyes ( I have a scarf I use as a blind fold to help me from moving my eyes, and from opening them ).

My basic plan as of now:
enter the lucid dream in some sort of building, immediately do a breathing and hand reality check, then rub my hands together to stabilize the dream. If that doesn't work Ill try the "Clarity now!" method.
I have fair confidence that I will not become over excited, as I have a strong mental picture of what I will do.

From there I plan to test other reality checks, examining the objects around me, picking them up, trying to break them, etc.

At that point I will try and remind myself to say "I am dreaming" every few minutes just to keep myself lucid.

From there I am most interested in speaking to my subconscious dream characters, just having a chat sorta thing. I also want to have my dream show me the perfect girl, my perfect home, perfect family, basically to clarify my desires in the waking world.

I'll ask my dream to show me what various emotions feel like in the dream.

I'll use a method I saw in the TV show EUReKA to change locations, basically the characters were in a matrix type thing, and the world pieces itself together, if you can imagine that. I'll look at this world piece itself together through a door of my choice.

From there I really don't have a plan, maybe Ill find a car to drive, someone to talk to, or food to eat, but I want to know what else I can do in this dream as part of my plan.

I also am VERY interested in telekinesis (moving objects with your mind), and want to try this in my lucid dream. It is probably one of my greatest desires, to be able to do that in waking life.

I am interested how sound my plan is, and what else I can do along with this, as well as how well telekinesis works in dreams, and what talking to your subconscious is like.

Thanks, best regards - Postman

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Re: Regarding my plan for a first lucid dream

Postby torakrubik » 17 May 2012 21:10

If this will be your first lucid dream, your plan is ambitious! :P However I'm sure if you're as focused as you say, you should have no problem completing at least some of your desires. A word of warning though, emotions are VERY exaggerated in dreams, and may cause you to wake up. But good luck!
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Re: Regarding my plan for a first lucid dream

Postby Postman » 18 May 2012 02:32

Thanks! I had my first almost successful WILD last night.

I went into 1/4 sleep paralysis, but simply stayed there for 2 hours until I made myself wake up and went to sleep normally.

My main problem is the swallow reflex, because if my mouth is open (as it should be if I'm relaxed), I constantly have to swallow, and it comes to the point I don't have control.

I also kept tensing my back without knowing it, and I think these two things caused me to be in a 1/4 state of paralysis (just my lower arms and right leg was paralyzed.)

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Re: Regarding my plan for a first lucid dream

Postby Peter » 18 May 2012 09:21

I think you are trying to hard and your SP might be numbness from lack of blood. SP is not a goal to acheive it is something that may happen from time to time or may never happen. I see this a lot where people think there is a liner pathway to Lucid Dreaming and it is just not like that.
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