My second lucid dream

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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My second lucid dream

Postby DerpyDreamer » 07 Sep 2014 07:18

I finally i saw my second lucid dream and it was so better than my first experience. Here how it was.

I was in my dad's car with my dad, i was sitting on the back and i just realized i was dreaming and i said "I'm in a lucid dream" then i took control of my dream. It was so vivid. Then i asked my dad "Can i have your sunglasses" he didn't said something. Then i holded my hand like im holding a gun and thinked im holding a gun, there were no gun in my hand but just sparkling white little things that in a form of a gun. Then i wanted a cigarette in my right pocket (don't take it wrong im not addicted to cigarette in real life) then i slided my hand in my pocket and there was a cigarette box! I pulled out the cigarette box and put it in middle of my legs then i wanted a lighter in my other pocket and slided my hand to my pocket. There were folded papers in it then i tried to find the lighter and i found it on the bottom of my pocket. While doing those my dad was driving the car and there were another people in the car. I pulled 3-4 cigarettes from the cigarette box then i putted one in my mouth, lighted it and gave the other cigarettes that i pulled to the guy that was sitting next to me. Then i started smoking in the car but my dad didn't reacted (He don't want enyone to smoke in his car). Then we came to the area where i work in holidays but it was little different. Suddenly my dad stopped the car, he left the car and gone away. Then a guy started driving the car he was going to the same area i was gonna go but he didn't taked me to the car. Then suddenly car teleported back to where my dad left the car. The same guy pushed the car a little but again car teleported back to same point. Then we started walking instead of going with the car. My dad's car stopped near me but it was not my dad driving it, 5-6 people was in the car and an old lady driving it. She said me something in another language (I think it was spanish) and i said "I talk Turkish" and then she said "I talk Turkish too" then suddenly i lost my lucidity and i was in a shop that i saw earlier in my dreams before becoming lucid.

So what you think? It was one of the most vivid dreams i saw. It felt so annoying when i wake up. :)

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