I can't do it on daytime

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I can't do it on daytime

Postby DerpyDreamer » 08 Sep 2014 14:53

I don't know why but when i try WILD or SSILD in daytime my eyes just keep opening itself slowly only time my eyes wont open is when i go to bed at night but i can't be succesfull with WILD or SSILD at night (When i go to bed), what should i do? :?

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Re: I can't do it on daytime

Postby taniaaust1 » 09 Sep 2014 06:58

If you are not successful with WILD at night, I doubt very much you will be successful during the day. I suggest to try a different techinque.
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Re: I can't do it on daytime

Postby Jack Reacher » 09 Sep 2014 10:36

Try doing a different activity before you go to sleep. I recommend doing it in Public.
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