partner dreaming?

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partner dreaming?

Postby lilasonnenblume » 09 Sep 2014 06:13

Has anyone ever shared a dream with their partner where both were aware and interacting with one another? Please share any stories and or tips and techniques!

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Re: partner dreaming?

Postby Goldkoron » 09 Sep 2014 06:20

lilasonnenblume wrote:Has anyone ever shared a dream with their partner where both were aware and interacting with one another? Please share any stories and or tips and techniques!

I've read stories and heard stories personally from friends who have done shared dreams with people they know. I want to believe it exists, though you may run into some people on this forum who will say it does not exist without batting an eye.
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Re: partner dreaming?

Postby taniaaust1 » 14 Sep 2014 08:30

The best advice on could give on that would be to go to bed at the same time together (being close I think could help) and with the same intent to mentally connect and share a dream. You could both even try falling asleep listening to each others breathing to try to stay connected. (A yogi skill would be also to mentally reach out with your energy, I can do this energetically on occassions do not know how to explain it)

Other then that I cant advise. It's only once had a shared dreaming, it was for me a spontanous thing (I believe triggered by the other). It happened at the same time as the other dreamed it too, hence why I suggest go to bed and sleep at same time.

Its possible but doesnt seem to be common thing.
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Re: partner dreaming?

Postby nesgirl » 17 Sep 2014 19:28

Sorry to say it is impossible. It has been proven through my Multimedia projects that even if a description in 2 designs is exactly the same, the 2 designs cannot visually match. So in other words, 2 dreams cannot ever be shared.

However, if 2 descriptions/ideas are near identical, and/or there are words/quotes/paragraphs that are near matching, you and your partner can experience a form of dream/Lucid Dream probability. I call it Idea Collision Probability. Probability is a form of math which universal events can happens on the form of a chance, oftentimes a very abysmal chance. However because probability is always random, you never can predict or tell when that chance encounter with probability will actually happen. If that chance encounter didn't exist at all, there would be something terribly wrong with our universal laws of math, so it is only logical that sometimes some of us do have encounters with probability in our dreams/Lucid Dreams in some way. With 2 people being able to have a probable chance of coming up with the exact same ideas and even the same paragraph in their dream/Lucid Dream it can in fact possibly happen thanks to the laws of math and probability. However, I wouldn't count on pulling something like that off, because if you intentionally try to mess with probability, it is highly unlikely you'll succeed (while I have heard of a couple of people actually pulling off lucky probability stunts in front of an audience, it is very rare that actually happens)
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