The maestro, Victor Borge

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The maestro, Victor Borge

Postby Nickfan40 » 09 Sep 2014 15:25

No, this is not an erotic one. I had this one in 2001, just a few months after he died. He died on December 23, 2000:

I am transported back in time to either the year 1988 or 89. I am in junior high school, with a group of choir students. We are participating in a program called a workshop. 10 students from 20 junior high schools across Fayette County (I am from Lexington, KY), are in this. I was chosen both years, but as an alternate. We are in The Otis Singletary Center for the arts.

We are getting ready to go on. All the kids are excited and all talking at the same time, and the teachers can't get us settled down. When we do, we all line up and go out of a door that leads to the "wings" just off stage. When the choir is introduced, we file out and stand on the risers. The audience applauds. I stand on the first one because I am 5 foot 6. The shorter kids stand on the floor.

We can't see any faces in the audience because it is dark. Good thing because my knees are knocking together (and they were 25 and 26 years ago, too!). The orchestra and maestro come out and take their places. When I see the maestro, my jaw drops. My present-day self is thinking, "This can't be! He's Victor Borge, but he's dead!" Then I think, "I'm dreaming! This is 25/26 years ago!"

Just as we get ready to start, a man comes running down the aisle and tells everyone to clear the building, that a law had just been passed against music of any form. Everyone is angry because they had done all this work for nothing. The most disappointed of all is Victor. As we leave the stage, I look back at him, and he has tears in his eyes. I wake up crying.

In 2001, schools were not offering music classes because of funding; no law was passed against it. Musicians such as Mariah Carey were going on TV in public service announcements, saying how important it was.

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