Is my subconscious using sex as distraction in LD?

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Is my subconscious using sex as distraction in LD?

Postby lucidinsocal » 12 Sep 2014 23:03

I am trying to use LD to connect with my higher self and "progress" spirituality by discovering who I really am. I know I'm not my ego, nor my body or even my mind. I've had a kundalini awakening in Dec 2012 which gave me a glimpse of what it's like to be connected to Oneness; it's incredible, indescribable bliss and I know it's just the beginning of my journey of enlightenment. I had this knowing that we are all being called to return to unity, to oneness.

I started lucid dreaming practice 9 months ago and have had 15 or so LDs, and they are starting to be more frequent now ( 2 last night, and 3 in the last 3 days). Even if I don't become lucid I remember almost all of my dreams. Daily meditation and dream journaling helps. The challenge I face is though I don't consciously want to use LD to have dream sex, I often find myself having sex with my dream characters and then waking up. I'm not judging myself or being repressive, but I just prefer to use my LD time (which is precious time) to explore the spiritual side, like having conversations with my dream characters or call out for my spirit guide, or even flying or walking through walls. But I find that my subconscious seems to gravitate towards sex almost like using it to distract from "higher" goals. I want to have more profound experiences in LDs.

Maybe it's part of the spiritual progression I have to go through like 7 chakras, the lower ones are about physical desires and the higher ones are more spiritual. I need to overcome the pull of the lower chakras to progress to higher levels. Also, I have also noticed that the "me" that is awake in my dreams is not the same me that is in the physical waking state. The "me" that is awake in the my dreams is very playful, child-like, and moves about with wild abandonment. In person, I'm a mild mannered middle-age wife/mother, reserved and thoughtful. My lucid dreams have shown me that my soul is nothing like my physical self. I even dream that I am different person, sometimes an old man, sometimes a child, sometimes a different race, or I even dream in third person like I'm watching a movie. Seems like I have not even begun to know the totality of who I really am. One time I dreamed so deeply I had trouble waking up mentally, physically I woke up but I have to really focus to remember my identify, my name, where I am, what my memories are. Like I'm an actor who forgot the script to a play but the curtains are opening and I'm scrabbling to pull my identity together so I can wake up in the physical world. My ego seems to completely dissolve when I dream and I'm aware through all of it, and the dissolution carries into the waking state. My perspective has changed dramatically; I don't take myself seriously; everything that defines me during the day, my looks, habits, opinions, thoughts, goals, desires are so easily forgotten in the dream state.

Anyone have trouble reconciling who they are with awareness of who they really are in LD? What about ending up having sex with dream characters when your intention was to become more enlightened?

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Re: Is my subconscious using sex as distraction in LD?

Postby LucidityMaster » 12 Sep 2014 23:13

I think you are over analyzing this with your 'spiritual beliefs'.

You wrote an extremely long paragraph on a 'spiritual' explanation for having sex in dreams.

The simple truth is, we are sexual beings. and having sex is one of the first things that pops into many people's minds when becoming lucid.

There is no spiritual explanation required. Just basic knowledge of biology.

Our purpose in life is to reproduce and pass on our genes.

No need to turn this into a spiritual question.

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Re: Is my subconscious using sex as distraction in LD?

Postby taniaaust1 » 13 Sep 2014 09:21

LucidityMaster wrote:Our purpose in life is to reproduce and pass on our genes.

No need to turn this into a spiritual question.

That's YOUR purpose in life. Another person may well believe in a different purpose in life, many of us do not believe that the purpose in life is to just reproduce. You keep dumping and pushing what you believe onto others as if they should have your belief for themselves.

There is nothing wrong with another thinking or analysing themselves either. People here dont judge you for not doing that so why judge them for doing so.


What about ending up having sex with dream characters when your intention was to become more enlightened?

I used to have that same issue and it was frustrating being caught up in the "lust" thing instead of focusing in my LDs where I wanted. Fortunately I dont have that trouble any more of being over run by the sexual energies and now can freely choose if I really do want to be doing something like that in a LD or not. (I wasted so many of my LDs on that!).

Its all part of the spiritual process and you will overcome those desires to the point in which you can freely choose if that is what you truely wish to do or not, rather then having the more animal mind or whatever one wants to call it, kicking in rather then the higher spiritual one. Your different selves are just battling it out, they will end up merging better together :)

I think it was my after disappointment in wasted on sex LDs, which helped me overcome that lust desire in them. I'd just go "NO!!" and get involved in something else so drop that desire.

Kundalini energy can be quite errotic too. With increased energy, all your chakras enlarge including your sex chakra can take a bit of getting used too or adjustment (bigger sex chakra, stronger sexual desires can be there at times). Things should balance out better sooner or later for you leading to a lot more control over things in life etc.

Have you tried to hold the thought strongly of what you spiritually want to do in your dream when you go to sleep? Rather then just think, "I want to do something spiritual", make sure you have an actual precise spiritual goal in mind.

Having spiritual experiences in dreams is a bit tricky as one cant rush ones spiritual path or progress and things happen when its the right time to do so. Its not just a matter of going "Im going to have a LD and have a spiritual experience". None of my best spiritual experiences have been planned (well only one).
The only thing to fear is the fear itself

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Re: Is my subconscious using sex as distraction in LD?

Postby jasmine2 » 20 Sep 2014 02:13

According to yoga philosophy and psychoanalytical theories, sexual energy is a prime force for the whole psycho-physical system, and sexual encounters and concerns seem to be very common in the non-lucid and lucid dreams, and in the out of body experiences of many people.

In his popular book "Journeys Out Of The Body", author Robert Monroe reported that during his out of body travels, he finally worked out sort of a compromise with his dream body, which seemed to often be rather sexually obsessed. He would decide, "O.K., I feel these strong urges, but while still being aware of these feelings, I'm going to try to explore the dream world task which I had previously concentrated on. Then when that's finished, I'll see if I can woo an attractive dream woman."

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