Seeing the same person in a dream

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Seeing the same person in a dream

Postby jubiajae » 14 Sep 2014 05:34

Hi, I'm curious if other people has had sleeping paralyzation and encounters supernatural beings, such as a spirit. Have other members seen the same spirit over and over again?

Background about me. I'm currently 24 and was raised in a traditional and Buddhist family. My parents are never strict about the practices but when it came to Chinese Traditions such as honouring the dead and other events, we would always do it.

I was born almost a month late and I was very difficult to give birth to. According to my grandpa, I wasn't breathing when I was born, my mother was bleeding a significant amount of blood, and basically I was considered a miracle baby.

Because of this difficult birth, my grandparents, prayed and asked an ancestor to watch over me (my Chinese name is comprised of my ancestor's name) and that I was required to wear ankle bells for 2 years to scare bad spirits.

My Buddhist grandma now says that I have "heaven's eye" basically meaning a 6th sense, that I can sense and see things. I'm very Science-based, finding it difficult to believe in supernatural beings and those superstitious of spirits and ghosts and that I debunk everything with logic and science. Even my first few sleeping paralyzation, I Googled enough to figure out everything can be explained by Science.

But this is where is get weird. I remember my first lucid dream extremely well, because I had 2 of them in a week. At first it started off like a typical Paranormal dream, a large hand on top of my chest suffocating me. Then there's this boy or a child. After the first SP, i had another one during the week and I was scared, I realised this boy was there and he realised I saw him and he rushed at me and tried to kill me. And I sprung up and woke up.

But as I got older, and more logical about these dreams, I would generally wake up right away by moving my pinky finger. I knew one wakening, this child spirit was angry, I actually felt the angry, he couldn't get ontop of me, but he was fuming. Finally the pinnacle came when one SP, as I realised it was just another SP, and I was attempting to wake up, he got on top of me, and was screaming and punching me over and over again.

I've since moved in with my bf and almost all SP regarding this little boy stopped.

My guess and take on this child is going back to my family. My father catches crabs and that he only sells males. In Buddhism, what you do is done unto yourself, so because he kills the male of the sea, he will never have a baby boy. My mother has had 3 miscarriages and all of them sons, and now there's only my two sisters and I. I was a child that on death's door, but came back. So I took the place of another child that could had been reborn. This child who should had been born instead of me, now followed me home, and is now a vengeful spirit. As I get older, my spiritual power also grows, and spirits are attracted to that power (I have had many,many encounters with supernatural events)

A nice little story, but I want to ask if other people has seen same thing/events/people in your lucid dreams? I'm not practising lucid dreaming, but I have sense of it. And do you think that this supernatural being could be telling me something?

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