Improvements over the weekend

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Improvements over the weekend

Postby CSL505 » 14 Sep 2014 14:41

Hello all!

So this weekend I've had several dreams, unfortunately they were all fairly short, but it means a bit of improvement for me.

1. (This dream is after I did the WBTB and tried the WILD)
I'm in my room and I'm very frustrated, obviously the WILD didn't work and I haven't become lucid (thinking I was awake). So I go to my computer and trying to search on the site how to properly do a WILD again. My inner clock seems to be correct because I knew that it was sometime very early morning.I look at my computer clock. The time is "8:96am"....Well that can be right, so I check again. This time the clock says "You'll 8:96". (Yay! my RC worked!). I realise I'm dreaming and rub my hands to together and shout "clarity now!!" It seems though, that it didn't work and I feel like my lucidity is like a sinking ship....and I awaken.

2. (Same night after about half an hr)
I awaken (I believe it was a false awakening) to a creepy black figure standing over me. I freak out a bit and close my eyes "This is only a dream, and this is sleep paralysis" is what I tell myself. I scared myself awake from this one.

3. (Same night about an hr later)
I'm again in my room and I feel as if something is watching me. Though I remember the dark figure from the dream before. I open my door and throw what seems to be a shopping cart into the hallway as if to try and fend off the same dark figure that I had seen previous. I realise I'm dreaming...why else would there be a shopping cart in my room? I look at my palms and see the lines on my hands make a weird face. I realise I'm dreaming and try to stabilize but again awake quite suddenly.

4. (last one, the night after the previous 3 dreams)
Same method, meditate WBTB and meditate again 6 hours later.
I'm in my basement surrounded by a couple of friends. I don't quite know what triggered this one but I turn one of my friends and say "Hey bro! I'm dreaming." All he answered was "Ok" and turned his back on me. I try to stabilize and lose it immediately.

So this is my weekend thus far. Throw in about 5 other non - lucid dreams.
I seem to lose my lucidity too quickly and can't seem to stabilize even when I try. My only goal the last two nights was to be able to stabilize myself and analyze my surroundings, but it didn't work.

Anyone have tips they think may be helpful in this situation?

I'm still quite happy with my results, It's improvement.

Thanks all.

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Re: Improvements over the weekend

Postby CSL505 » 14 Sep 2014 19:01

Oddly enough, I was curious and looked up some of the meanings and the symbols in my dream.

A shopping cart mainly represents reaping the rewards of hard work.
I thought that was interesting considering I've been trying to work hard to become lucid.

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Re: Improvements over the weekend

Postby Autumn » 24 Sep 2014 07:57

I haven't had any lucid dreams yet, so my advice may not hold much ground! XD But here is one thing you could consider trying. It seems that the act of trying to stay lucid is distracting you, so instead of focusing on trying to stablilise the dream, make a specific goal like meeting a certain person or going to a certain place. Launch straight into the dream-scape as soon as you find yourself lucid and pursue your goal. Hopefully the motivation of fulfilling your goal will keep you lucid! Just an idea, you might want a second opinion from someone who's actually had lucid dreams ;)

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Re: Improvements over the weekend

Postby CSL505 » 24 Sep 2014 22:18

I didn't think about it like that. I will give it a try. Thanks!

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Re: Improvements over the weekend

Postby superfly9 » 25 Sep 2014 23:27

yeh I have had the same problems, I become aware and immediately look at my hands and rub together.. that is usually enough to get clarity and everything become clear, I have tried yelling things and they never work for me.. not sure if it's actually because we are thinking yelling or actually yelling in the LD, but I found just ignore anything in the dream for a while / don't interact , think to yourself, maybe just deep breaths and counting or something usually stabilizes mine, then I can go off and do some stuff.. But unless your really calm.. which is still really really hard for me.. any interactions will end up waking you, I'm only new at this and longest I had was like 10-15mins with like 10 of that just watching stuff , then trying to do things.. and bam.. wake up :(

hope this helps a little, any tips you learn I would love to hear aswell :D

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