Help me with flying

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Help me with flying

Postby Joseph » 15 Sep 2014 17:46

Hi there :)

I have started to meditate month ago and read about lucid dreaming just two weeks ago and they occur nearly every night! I'm very happy but I have troubles with flying and that's what I love on LDs the most.

I can't control my flying very well I often fall down and when I want to fly higher than the sky some obstacle always appears like a fence or something like that.

Any suggestions what to do?

PS: I also like to compose music during LDs but I don't know how to play on any instrument tunes just appear from nowhere :)

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Tanner Mies
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Re: Help me with flying

Postby Tanner Mies » 22 Sep 2014 09:14

The Fence is symbolism from your brain meaning your not quite read for the information that lies out there.
It also helps not looking down till you gain a certain altitude. its usually the fear of falling that pulls you down

one last tip best flying position is like iron man rather than the traditional airplane style.
good luck!!!
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Re: Help me with flying

Postby buildit » 23 Sep 2014 05:03

So I had to think a bit about what I do / don't do. It's been a long time and I can only describe it as it has worked for me, so sorry if this is confusing. Flying or moving thru space is easiest when you obtain the reality where you have no corporeal form and are best described as energy. In this form I find speed and distance loose meaning as you can coexist in many places by spreading yourself out, like an ameba in fluid, sort of. :lol: If you have a friend who rides motorcycles or actually flies a plane you might find traveling with them to help get you accustomed to the feeling of "flowing". To me it's like swimming in a river but you can change the direction the water flows at any time.

Hope this helps. If not try falling into an endless pit with no bottom. Sooner or later the fear of falling ends and your mind can concentrate of the playing and experimenting. ;)
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Re: Help me with flying

Postby superfly9 » 23 Sep 2014 06:00

Best I can do is glide.. I can bring myself up to certain heights, but then I just come down on an angle to almost hitting the ground and then it is whatever angle and velocity I have is how high I can get up again.. and I do so up, down, up , down etc.. until I run out of forward momentum lol, It's fun.. but not exactly flying, But I get up there by floating slowly just sort of looking skyward and thinking floaty thoughts :lol: like you weigh nothing, but only way I can move fast or even forward is to angle down like I described.. I hope this link can help me 2 :D :D

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