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Discuss lucid dreaming techniques including dream recall, MILD, WILD, meditation and other ways of attaining lucidity in dreams.
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Jacob D K
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dream help

Postby Jacob D K » 18 May 2012 03:14

is there any way that could help me have a dream tonight? i have terrible dream recall

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Re: dream help

Postby Peter » 18 May 2012 09:09

you will dream as everybody does so when you wake up after a sleep just dont move at all for a few seconds and see if you can remember anything at all and if you can just write it down. Anything is ok for a start and it might even just be something like car, hot or swimming. its a good place to start
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Re: dream help

Postby Summerlander » 02 Jun 2012 17:33

I believe this information will be useful:
"Empty cognizance of one taste, suffused with knowing, is your unmistaken nature, the uncontrived original state. when not altering what is, allow it to be as it is, and the awakened state is right now spontaneously present."

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Re: dream help

Postby Ryan » 02 Jun 2012 19:55

Jacob D K wrote:is there any way that could help me have a dream tonight? i have terrible dream recall

Continuing Peter's thought.

Try keeping a Dream Journal. It can be tough at times due to laziness (that's my excuse lol), but the moment upon wakening, do what Peter suggests. Take a minute, remember what you can, then jot as much as you can down.

A dream journal triggers your subconscious mind into remembering more and more each time you do it. This will also help you to have lucid dreams, as you'll have a better recollection of what "dream symbols" are common to you. Knowing what you've dreamed of before will allow you to recognize when you're currently having one. :)

To increase the chances of you having lucid dreams, please read this post I made on my website on the subject: http://unlimitedboundaries.ca/2012/02/13/how-to-increase-your-chances-of-having-lucid-awareness-experiences-lucid-dreams/

Good luck!
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