bad neighbor, Karloff/Lorre movie?

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bad neighbor, Karloff/Lorre movie?

Postby Nickfan40 » 22 Sep 2014 17:03

I was watching the Peter Lorre movie, Mad Love and listening to my time travel CD:

We have a neighbor woman that keeps harassing us by tapping on her window to get our attention. We have to keep yelling at her to leave us alone, or we'll call the police. She has done terrible things to us, but the worst is making fun of my dad when he was sick and dying; he died on June 9th. The police have told us that if she keeps harassing us, that they will take her in if we call.

In the dream, she was wandering around outside our window, hoping to catch us doing something bad enough to call the police. We catch her at it and say, "Get out of here, or we'll call the police! You're not supposed to be in our yard anyway." I was screaming so loud that I was probably doing it in real life. Before I had this dream, she harassed us.

The scene changes to a quiet little country town. I find out that it is in Vermont somewhere. The trees are just starting to turn and the weather is a little chilly. As I'm walking down the road, there is not much traffic and I see a General Store just up the road. I go in and look around. There are barrels and barrels of candy and other things around.

At the front, I see two men talking. The look like Boris Karloff and Peter Lorre, but Peter Looks like Mr. Moto and not Dr. Lorencz from The Boogie Man will get you. A woman who is shopping takes me aside and says "Beware of those two! They are doing terrible experiments on really smart people! With the men, they take their brain energy. With the women, they take their sexual energy! They are trying to make a cheaper form of gasoline out of it!"

It is much later. I walk up to a barn-like building and go in. There is a lot of science fiction movie equipment. The sight that disturbs me the most is that there is a man tied down to a table with electrodes on his head. There is clear tubing on the wall behind his head. Karloff and Lorre are on either side of him, checking dials and readings as blood-colored fluid goes through the tubing (brain energy?). They do not see me and I run out.

A few minutes later, I see Lorre running out of the barn with a terrible cut in his scalp. They must have picked on the wrong person and he was attacked. I try to help him as best I can and he gets better.

The villagers get together and run them out of town, but they do it in a very strange way. In the middle of a field, I see a huge rocket ship; they take the energy that Karloff and Lorre have stored to see if it will fuel the ship. They are planning to send them into outer space, but I warn them and get them out of town. I'm not sure why they listened to me, I can't get anyone to listen to me in real life.

This dream must have been a strange combination of 1940's movies and the gasoline problem we have nowadays. That's the only way I can explain it!

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