Looking for tips

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Looking for tips

Postby GavinBoyd » 22 Sep 2014 19:35

I've been trying to lucid dream off and on for a pretty long time. Lets just say months. I have problems remembering my dreams. Sometimes I'll have a dream that I can write in journal and fill up to two whole pages! But the next night I can't remember a thing. I thought there was no hope for me until one night out of the blue I did a reality check in my dream and became lucid (this was about 4 nights ago). It didn't last but a few seconds, cause I started to feel the sensation of lying in my bed, so I woke up. Since then I've been doing lots of reality checks. Performing MILD techniques befor I go to sleep and I've been trying to write in my journal but I can hardly ever remember my dreams! Any tips?

Also, I've tried the dream herb calea zacetechichi about 4 times and it has never worked for me once. I take two capsules and wake up like I do almost every day, remembering nothing.

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Re: Looking for tips

Postby GalMutzafy » 26 Sep 2014 21:38

There's some tips to remember your dreams:
First of curse there's writing them but you already do that, so the next tips apply more to you:
When you wake up, don't try to move or think about what you are gonna do today or something, try first to think about what you dreamed about or even what you thought about a second earlier.
Second tip is trying to MILD by saying phrases such as: ''Tonight I will remember my dreams'' or ''all my dreams'', it can surely apply to remember then beside of getting lucid in them.
Some people take more time, I didn't have a lucid one for a while too but I keep trying.
It's important to maintain a method and stick around with it, but if you feel after a while that it doesn't suit you, you can always switch to another method.
Good luck!
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