Interacting In LD Usually Wakes Me

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Interacting In LD Usually Wakes Me

Postby superfly9 » 23 Sep 2014 06:29

Keeping calm was my number 1 problem.. Now I've finally got that out of the way and I can get the dreams to last a bit longer.. but now most interactions I try usually wake me.. I tend to be watching all these cool things happening but not actually doing them :( , I watched these guys drop huge sponge like things in the ocean and then these huge 50 foot massive waves come flying through this thin channel like thing at a ocean port, and people surfing them, I watched this for about 10 mins from the beach and then tried to get out there for a go.. and I ended up on scaffold like iron thing just at the side where the waves are pumping through.. but then it collapsed and I woke up, this has been happening with most of my dreams just in different ways of course.. I guess my Dream Self is scared of doing silly things.. Is it possible to get some Dream Courage or even just some Dream Balls lol .. So frustrating.. How can I overcome doing something crazy if It never lets me even try :cry: :cry: lol

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Re: Interacting In LD Usually Wakes Me

Postby dreamstudent » 24 Sep 2014 20:54

Generally getting excited wakes you up. That's obviously not factual but from experience and reading I've noticed once you become lucid the least beneficial thing is to get excited and over excited. Now I know it's hard but the more you lucid dream the more you get better at controlling excitement. Once you know your lucid just take a deep breath in and out. And say I will not become over excited and I will control the dream. Or something like that is my advice.

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Re: Interacting In LD Usually Wakes Me

Postby taniaaust1 » 29 Sep 2014 05:52

Sounds like you need to try doing some dream stabilization techniques first. eg try rubbing your palms together. I often will study my hand to stabilize or I'll bring someone into my dream and get them to touch me to stabilize.

Its a matter of learning dream stabilization techniques and learning which work for you the best. Once you are well stabilized then you can go head and do whatever in the dream.

Anyway, study up on "dream stabilization techniques" and start experimenting with these.
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Re: Interacting In LD Usually Wakes Me

Postby buildit » 29 Sep 2014 17:11

Just my way of thinking about it but the subconscious is what seems to drive the dreams by introducing the subject to be interacted with. Try to interact while exploring. Example, last night my subconscious threw the idea of shopping in a mall at me. :roll: No idea why but I had zero interest yet when I added a ten speed bike I was now riding it thru the crowds over obstacles and drifting corners. :lol: In the end the dream went way further than that but it was all part of taking the first part and allowing it to continue, not trying to force it onto another track. ;)
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