Help needed with this dream

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Help needed with this dream

Postby coolaz74 » 24 Sep 2014 17:43

I need to start with, at 40 years old, i have never had a dream shake me or bother me so much where I needed to find an answer.

In my dream I was a single guy, successful and on a date with a successful blonde. She had a child and she wanted me to meet her daughter to be sure she would be ok with me.

While on our date, I ran into a women that captured me in a way that truly felt amazing, loved and as a soul mate. She was tall brunette, educated, but a little quarky, good looking (plain, girl next door type) and not flashy at all. but there was a real feeling of trust, love and more.

We started talking, and she was from the future, she came back in time to ensure me that she and I would meet again in real time soon. She gave me directions and information to ensure I did not miss her when we were to meet as well explained to me that we would marry one month after we met and would be a truly happy loving couple.

lastly she explained that we would have one child together and then would adopt another.

Right before she left she handed me a clock, it was a timer and showed how much time it would be until she and I met. As well it showed the year 2015.

When she left, I remember feeling lost, empty and alone.

Lots of time and details are missing, but this is the key outline of the dream. And hours later I am still shaken and needing that women and feeling back.

Thanks for any feedback

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Re: Help needed with this dream

Postby dreamstudent » 24 Sep 2014 20:50

Id say write down the place time and date she told you to meet her. And then wait until then and if it doesn't happen then. Probably best to move on even if it is sad. But very interesting dream I can see why you were sad when awake. But don't stop living your life till that date in your dream by any means still go with the flow but follow up on the dream nonetheless

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Re: Help needed with this dream

Postby taniaaust1 » 29 Sep 2014 06:24

I'd suggest to write down all the details of this dream too, one never knows. Ive had dreams which have come true before and those dreams have often felt to me very different to other dreams.

With this being said, do make sure you dont allow this dream to stop you from getting on with your life in the meantime as it could well just be just a dream not to be taken literally.

I believe that soul mates can contact us throu dreams before we meet.
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Re: Help needed with this dream

Postby Howtolucid » 12 Oct 2014 19:52

Maybe this is suggesting that you have trouble settling down?

At 40 years old maybe that's the time when people start to question their life and so your dreams reflected that.. You thought 'what if I could start again with a younger woman' and that's where the dream character representing that comes from.. Just an idea.
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