Alien? Guardian Angel? what?

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Alien? Guardian Angel? what?

Postby pennysuede » 24 Sep 2014 20:54

This dream took place when I was maybe 13 or 14. I had no idea of any metaphysical concepts at this time. I dreamed I was in my moms kitchen doing her dishes. At the dishwasher you can see the front door. The front door was open allowing the screen door to let in the fresh air. The next thing I knew, there was a little girl there that said "Hello mommy" and then giggled and skipped off. a few seconds later a man appeared and said "If you ever want to see your little girl again, come with me". I go outside and the man was in a car in the drivers seat, and the little girl was in the passenger seat, only now she was a baby in car seat. In the back sat a large woman with bright red hair, large curls. I could feel the man had an agenda, and the woman was there to protect me. The scene flips all of us back in the kitchen. It was dark outside and the girl wasnt there. He said I had a very important decision to make, I looked at the woman. I knew I was too scared to make this decision, so I had an OBE and allowed my higher self (I guess) to make the decision and I floated downstairs. When I came back, I knew i had made a decision and didnt know what it was. Scene flips and we are all back in the car, and I looked over to the car seat and the baby had bright red lips, very cute. I started asking him questions. I cant remember the questions or the answers but they were all future based. A voice came from the sky and said "Its time to go now (and I think the voice called him Jeremiah" and I woke up.

I was afraid after this dream that I would lose a daughter in child birth or something like that, but I did get pregnant twice , one with a girl and she is living and fine.

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Re: Alien? Guardian Angel? what?

Postby dreamstudent » 26 Sep 2014 19:54

I'd say considering your age then and your age now I assume your older than 14 or 15 haha. That the dream must have had something to do with a decision you needed to make in real life at that time. So your thoughts were brought into a dream and it obviously had an impact on you because you remembered it. Now I cant say for certain that the above stated is the actual reason for the dream because only you can truly know what the dream meant but maybe a suggestion will help you determine for yourself what the dream meant or towards what direction you can go to the final assumption of what the dream meant.

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