Melatonin stops HI

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Melatonin stops HI

Postby thomas » 19 May 2012 00:31

I tried melatonin for the first time (low dose 3mg three nights in a row) just to see what would happen. (I take no other supplements). I found it to be detrimental to LDing. It totally shut down, I mean totally, my hypno images. It also greatly diminished my dream recall. Won't be doing that again. Has anyone else had this happen? I have read it makes dreams more intense etc. I found I didn't remember hardly any of them. Didn't LD at all. I gave it a three night trial as I figured night one could have been a fluke.

So - maybe if you are using melatonin to help it might be hindering progress. It certainly did for me.

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Re: Melatonin stops HI

Postby Peter » 19 May 2012 01:26

I use it at times and it has been ok so guess thats its differant for each of us
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Re: Melatonin stops HI

Postby lamourbonez » 18 Jul 2012 14:17

you weren't suppose to take them 3 nights in a row. You're body will come dependent on it. I have them too I take them once or twice a week but not in a row.

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