Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Postby Juggernaut625 » 27 Sep 2014 18:11

NOTE: I don't actually think this was a LD, posted it in the wrong section. Sorry!

Hey guys, so I've actually been out of the LD'ing scene for a while due to starting college and other things, but last night I had a nightmare which induced a lucid dream... If you guys could explain to me what this is potentially saying, that would be great...

I wake in my bed, I see my brother lying in his bed on the other side of the room. My door is located at the bottom end of my bed, and it was open a small way. Outside the bedroom was pitch black, nothing to be seen. My room had a very very dim dark greyish glow, and my brother seemed to be illuminated. I sit up from my bed and look to my door, so see a small child-like figure staring at me through the small crack in the door. Its face is pitch black however casts a shadow to it's small, dirty white dress. I try to turn away, but half-way through the process I freeze. I attempt to shout of my brother to wake him up, but my attempts are nulled as when I try, it's more of a dull push of a whisper. I manage to pull my leg out to try and kick my brother to wake him up, but I just cant seem to get it far enough to do so. When I try to move I feel stiff, constrained. I suddenly start shouting to myself in my head "It's a dream, it's a dream!". Continued shouting of this makes me able to stand, but to my horror the figure is standing directly in front of me looking. I perform a finger-to-palm reality check and it fails, I however still persist in telling myself it's a dream. My shouts start to get louder, saying "You're not real, what are you telling me?" Quickly after I say this the figure slowly backs through the door, motionless yet still moving, I then scream and wake up.

Very scary dream... If someone could tell me what this means it would be great... thanks

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Re: Nightmare

Postby dreamstudent » 27 Sep 2014 18:43

I'd say its a dream in which you became lucid and aware but your emotional feelings were that of fear and it only intensified the more you felt the fear, now if you would of asked the being what is it that you want with me rather than saying your not real I think your results could of changed substantially. But in dreams where you just let the fear conquer you it only gets worse. I recently faced some of my fears in a lucid dream and it has helped me a lot. Id suggest the next lucid dream you have, call out the being that was there and face it, either fight it if it attacks or asks it what its purpose is and what it wants with you.

Hoe this helps!

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