Interesting quote from book

What have you learned from your dream characters? What do they say, what do they represent, what motivates them, why do they exist?
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Interesting quote from book

Postby holdorfold » 27 Sep 2014 22:44

I had to take a screenshot because the pdf won't let me copy the text. Excerpt from Robert Wagnor's Lucid Dreaming Gateway to the Inner Self (highly recommend the book btw):


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Re: Interesting quote from book

Postby jasmine2 » 28 Sep 2014 23:22

I think the observation that some dream characters seem to possess awareness, intelligence, skills, creativity, and insight separate from the dreamer's own abilities, is one of the most fascinating peculiarities of non-lucid and lucid dreaming and OBEs.

Shamans and sages in many cultures have reported numerous interactions, in realms of non-ordinary consciousness, with a variety of intelligent beings.

Perhaps many of these characters are demonstrating abilities or aspects of personality which are slowly emerging from deeper layers of the dreamer's own psyche.

Also, some scientists now propose theories regarding the existence a vast multiverse of simultaneously existing realities parallel to, and intersecting with, our own reality. Perhaps some more advanced dream characters and spirit guide allies may be truly independent beings, who are able to move back and forth between different dimensions of a larger reality.

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Re: Interesting quote from book

Postby Summerlander » 22 Oct 2014 02:05

I've read Robert Waggoner's book. It was indeed an interesting read. I would contend that the reason why dream figures appear to be conscious and potentially display the attributes listed is that they are products of the roots of the brain that precede the conscious ego. They may even represent the proto-conscious elements of the brain with are then perceived by the waking lucid self in the form of familiar shapes and forms such as characters. I would not say they are complete people, or sentient individuals with a mind of their own, but certainly representative of the conscious mind, like sensorial illusions, still mere hallucinations, but also mirrors of the state of mind that we are in. There may be many "mes" that make up one self...

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Re: Interesting quote from book

Postby HAGART » 24 Oct 2014 00:28

Is the concept of "Self-Identity" an illusion? A dream character if you will. Perhaps our psyche and self is multi-faceted and we just THINK we are who we think we are at any given moment but it is constantly fluctuating.

I've posed this question before in a lucid dream, and good luck trying to find Waldo in this Haystack of threads, but I assure you it's in here somewhere... I asked a DC once, "Am I a dream character too?"

I won't tell you the answer, just providing the question. Think about it and try it for yourself. What do you believe? See what they say, and then ask yourself again. What do you believe?

(I have no answer. I'm just posing a great lucid dream goal to try)
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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Re: Interesting quote from book

Postby Old Traveler » 03 Nov 2014 02:36

Interesting line of inquiry. MANY people apparently DO
believe these dream characters are more than dream fluff.
Why would we go there seeking seeking our "Inner Guides"
if we did not?

Read Minds In Many Pieces by Ralph B. Allison, Ted Schwarz
and meet the many multiple personalities that Dr. Allison
began to suspect might have some real life on their own.

You can down load it on Kindle or buy yourself a copy at Amazon.
I read it years back.

Better yet go to and read his papers.
VERY unusual stuff.

Buy Dr. Ralph B. Allison's E-Books

OK. Have I got you attention? Are these multiple personalities similar to
our lucid dream characters? Food for thought!

Old Traveler

Minds In Many Pieces: Revealing the Spiritual Side of Multiple Personality Disorder

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