First REAL Lucid Dream

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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First REAL Lucid Dream

Postby JDude » 28 Sep 2014 16:10

I'm SO excited, because I had my first real controllable lucid dream last night. I still need some work, but it will come. What I can't do yet is just think about something and make it happen, I have to turn around, close my eyes, and visualize. Also, I can't change anything involving my body, like flying or shapeshifting. There is also some difficulty making items, like at one point I was being chased by an angry salesman, but I was not able to make any weapons appear, especially in my hands. I would love any advice. (Sorry I didn't post the dream. I forgot to journal it.)

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Re: First REAL Lucid Dream

Postby buildit » 28 Sep 2014 23:11

Really just thinking about something and having it happen is sort of unreal. Even in the construct of the dream there needs a shred of reason. It's hard to explain for me but there seems to still be cause and effect even in dreams for most people. ;)
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Re: First REAL Lucid Dream

Postby taniaaust1 » 29 Sep 2014 06:00

I suggest not to try to just make something appear in your hands (that can be quite hard as its ones normal mind can get in the way too much as in real life of cause we cant do that). Its something usually for the far more advanced.

Instead, think of the object being in your pocket (dont wonder if you have a pocket or not, have no doubt you have one) eg think of a sharp knife being in your pocket and then just reach down to your pocket and pull it out. Or think of yourself wearing a gun holster and then just reach down thinking of grabbing a gun out from there and you should be able to do so.

Or if being chased, you can forget about weapons and just face the guy and strongly point at him and command "freeze." I find I can do lots of things with my hands eg point to a light globe and command "ON" .. I'll sure a DC would probably freeze if I did what I just suggested to try. Its all about just being in your own power in the dream and taking ownership of it.
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Re: First REAL Lucid Dream

Postby Howtolucid » 12 Oct 2014 19:54

That's great! Well done for your first lucid dream.

As for the angry postman or whatever you described, and you not being able to 'make weapons appear' I don't' think you're approaching this in the right way.

As you become a skilled lucid dreamer, you don't really NEED to create weapons in order to defend against parts of the dream because you can just.. manipulate them or in this instance, 'will' the postman to just walk away.

Another thing to do is to just ask the postman what he 'represents'. The answer may surprise you.
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