My intro :-)

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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My intro :-)

Postby musicaldreamer » 03 Oct 2014 23:08

By day, I'm a cellist (still highschool) planning on music college and hoping to play professionally, making enough money to support myself with music.
I am very interested in tapping into my dream world, because I've started to notice patterns even without a dream journal, and I want to use my time in dreaming to my benefit.
I have two (really 3) dream patterns or indicators. The first, and most common, is having a cello lesson with a mentor (who i don't have lessons with on a regular basis) and something really weird happening (i. e. in an unfamiliar place, my instrument falling apart, simply losing all of my skill in playing...ect.) My biggest dream indicator is this mentor himself. IRL he has a rather thick Israeli accent, but in my dreams, he sounds American. The dreams involving a lesson with this mentor are completely not lucid, but ususally if it's just my mentor himself, I have a little control over what we talk about (never complete lucidity though)
I have about one dream a year like this one, and it always completely freaks me out, partially because it is lucid, and partially because of what happens. In this dream, I wake up in the middle of the night, needing water or to use the bathroom. I go to turn the light on, and there is a tiny glimmer, and thats all. I walk around the house trying to turn the lights on, but to no avail. In these dreams, my house is humongous, so i walk through a LOT of rooms doing this. I go to find my mom, to tell her that none of the lights will turn on, but she either isn't in bed or I can't wake her up. At this point I find a place to wait until I actually wake up.
I would really like to be able to practice and perform cello in my dreams, and to spend time with my mentor whom I mentioned before.

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Re: My intro :-)

Postby buildit » 03 Oct 2014 23:32

I see no reason with practice and time you would not be able to practice your playing in your dreams. Even if the notes on the page don't make sense till you play them you may find the creative side of matching melodies, substituting notes and general outside the box thinking is very do able. ;)
Is Lucid Dreaming the brains preparation for the next step of human evolution when we can escape the corporeal bond of our bodies?

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