Is this actually possible?

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Is this actually possible?

Postby Testify » 07 Oct 2014 20:57

I was online browsing when I stumbled upon a comment saying this about sleep paralysis:

I have had hundreds of them and it's a fear worse than anything I have ever experienced fully awake, even slow suffocation, which is horrible. But for some reason I can feel them coming and abort even while paralysed and since I am aware of having a sleep paralysis I can somewhat affect the beginning and the outcome.

I should let them reach me some time... Cancelling them before the really scary shit starts kinda ruins the concept of forcing them.

Ah, yes, their voices and screams are worse than anything I have heard. It would have been a perfect weapon... Everyone would say: "I'll do whatever you want, just don't make that sound again!". I know I did to make them stop screaming and let me wake up.

Oh, well. Now they can't do shit without me letting them. The paralysis can be annoying though... "Maybe I'll check the... Fuck I'm still paralysed."

I was pretty confused, I heard terrible stories about sleep paralysis and how you can hallucinate stuff but is what he said actually possible? Or is he just making up a cool story and straight up bullsh*tting?

I never had sleep paralysis in my life but I was just really curious.

Also, this was his previous comment about sleep paralysis:
You can spawn all sorts of entities... I forced The Grudge and The Ring at the same time once. It absolutely ruined my day but was better than any roller coaster. I could have canceled them too but what would the fun be in that? The Ring one didn't get all the way though... Grudge just appears in your bed and Ring is crawling out of the television... It's kinda slow.

Is what he is saying true? Can you just "spawn" anything you want to see like "The Grudge" or as i said, is he just coming up with some story?

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Re: Is this actually possible?

Postby PKJacker » 07 Oct 2014 21:08

It sounds like they might be already dreaming, just calling it sleep paralysis. If they are already dreaming it is all possible, but if it's a mix if hallucinations that's a little harder to do.

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Re: Is this actually possible?

Postby Snaggle » 08 Oct 2014 03:12

yes, even if one really is awake and hallucinating, hallucinations can be dream controlled. Of course people experiencing SP are really in a dream rather than awake. This video is ignored here, but it proves people experiencing SP are in a dream.
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