Extreme sleepwalking nightmares.

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Extreme sleepwalking nightmares.

Postby Kranter » 21 May 2012 03:39

Hey, this is my 1st post. I found this site looking for info on sleepwalking. Every now & then I have this extremely terrifying nightmare. I can never really remember much about it. It has something to do with numbers. But I sleep walk when it occurs. Twice, I ran out of my house. RAN. I mean full blown running, screaming, and crying. My latest episode was on Friday night/ saturday morning. At 12:30. Before that I hadnt slept in 40 hours. Anyways, I run out of my house. I was crying hard. I was so scared, I pissed all over myself. I ran to a friends house a mile away. I nearly got hit by a car. I get there, start banging on his door. He eventually opens. He sorta snapped me out of it. I then went home. Any advice? Am I insane? Please help. I never want to expirience it again.
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Re: Extreme sleepwalking nightmares.

Postby Snaggle » 22 May 2012 06:54

Sleepwalking is not related to schizophrenia and is actually much more common than schizophrenia. considering the rather severe and dangerous things you're doing while sleepwalking I think you should

1. consult a medical specialist

2. secure your sleeping area and put yourself in lock down while asleep. Do you have anyone who could lock you up and release you? If you had the key(s) you could still use it/them while sleeping.
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