Progressive Standstill; Requesting Support!

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Sacred Fire
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Progressive Standstill; Requesting Support!

Postby Sacred Fire » 14 Oct 2014 01:46

OK. I've been on and off studying and practicing lucid dreaming for a few months now, and I started out making progress, but I've since been unable to even replicate those results. I've thus far had a single fully lucid dream, a handful of half-lucids, and several false awakenings. Lately, however, I've barely been able to so much as even notice my hypnagogia for WILDs (which practically the only thing that's worked for me), and I'm even having inexplicable trouble with MILDs. The worst of it is my dream recall, as in, I have so little of it. I've even tried the 90-minute technique, but even that's not doing anything. It might help to know that I started working shortly after undertaking this, and I feel waking up at 4:00 every morning has made me a bad candidate. If anyone has something for me, please share! It would be much appreciated.

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Re: Progressive Standstill; Requesting Support!

Postby buildit » 14 Oct 2014 01:58

Well, you could start sleeping at work, get fired become homeless and then sleep all day on a park bench having lucid dreams about how cool it would be to still have a job? :lol: Sorry, the lucid door was left wide open on that. ;)
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Re: Progressive Standstill; Requesting Support!

Postby taniaaust1 » 14 Oct 2014 11:28

Seeing you do have false awakenings at times, make sure you dont miss the next time you are having one eg reality check EVERY TIME you wake up!

The other thing which I think you really need to work on is your dream recall... as you could have a LD but then not remember it if you ended up going back into a not conscious sleep state in the dream immediately after the lucid period.

To improve dream recall its very important to try to write down anything each morning immediately when you wake up (right after you've done that reality check thou to make sure you really are awake). If you cant remember anything, write down any feelings you have or how you feel on waking up. We can all go throu patches thou where we get bad dream recall.

Be aware that it is also possible to have WILDs without hypnagogia happening first.
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