I'm not involved in my dreams - am I incapable of lucid drea

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I'm not involved in my dreams - am I incapable of lucid drea

Postby Emwee » 24 Oct 2014 00:17

Hi everyone! :)

The thought of lucid dreaming has always fascinated and excited me, but I've never paid much attention to the concept due to the strange nature of my dreams.

I'm always aware that I'm dreaming. My dreams never feel real. However, my awareness doesn't actually extend into the dream; my "character" in the dream isn't aware that they're dreaming. Hopefully that makes some sense haha! I feel that I watch or observe my dreams as I would watch TV, rather than being a participant. Usually I actually see myself in the dream rather than see the dream from my perspective.

They are a couple of exclusions from my generalisation about my dreams (including one where I had a physical, real life reaction to something that happened in my dream - if you get me) but generally I feel like an observer. Am I therefore incapable of lucid dreaming? :0

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Re: I'm not involved in my dreams - am I incapable of lucid

Postby buildit » 24 Oct 2014 01:44

Not incapable but you sound adsorbed in the world as your unconscious mind portrays it. Try influencing the fate of the dream characters instead of just observing them.
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