Buying a Bus ticket

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Buying a Bus ticket

Postby newtodreams » 25 Oct 2014 15:35

On Thursday night I this dream. I would be grateful for help in understanding it.

In my dream I had returned home to my parents house for a few days break. I was working/living in a different country. On the day of leaving I left some washing and remember leaving soiled boxer shorts in the pile. I remember placing them so that only the clean side was showing hoping that they would simply be grabbed along with the rest of the washing without drawing attention.
I left my parents house when there was no one there. Everyone was out going about their business.
I thought of my mum and how she would see this as "you never bother to say goodbye when you leave".
I headed to a small and very quiet town to catch as bus. At the station there was a queue at the counter. I skipped to the front because I was only asking questions. I asked if there was a bus going to Amsterdam. Yes replied the attendant. I recall it was mid to late afternoon. The attendant informed me that the bus was leaving tonight which I felt would be before midnight. In my dream I don't recall feeling like I was running away.
The attendant informed me that the joinery would take 10 hours which I was surprised at because from past real life experience it takes 24+ hours.
He gave a reason but I didn't catch it. While speaking to the attendant a couple in their 50's or 60's who been 1st in the queue and already at the counter wanted to know about a coffin they we bringing home.
The attendant suggested I wait but first said that to go on the bus he would have to make me appear as an old person and wondered how he was going to do it. He gave me a ticket but said that when I got to the change over point in London sometimes the tickets beep and don't work i.e. the machine rejects them with the implication that I may have difficultly in continuing my journey. But only if stopped by an attendant.
He explained why he needed to make me appear as an old person but again I didn't catch it.

Next I realized the attendants shift was over and he introduced me to his replacement who was female. She got busy settling in my sweeping the floor and clearing the tables in the waiting area while also attending to the people in the queue.

I don't recall getting on the bus because I woke up.

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Re: Buying a Bus ticket

Postby dreamstudent » 26 Oct 2014 07:12

What's most important is what you perceive the dream to mean.. I have had many dreams where only I could tell what they meant. Just keep that in mind. Although it is always interesting to see what others perceive your dream to mean.

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