2 dreams. 1st Bird of Prey

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2 dreams. 1st Bird of Prey

Postby newtodreams » 25 Oct 2014 15:36

Typically I have between 2 - 4 dreams each night. I know this because I wake up after each one but resist writing them down. Making more of an effort now.

Here are 2 dreams from last night which would like your help with understanding.

First dream
I was holding a young mid sized bird of prey on my right arm. It was very anxious to start flying, moving its head from side to side and shuffling its feet. It was in the best shape of its life both physically and mentally. It felt like the birds training was complete and he was ready.

After a while I let him go. He flew straight for prey but decided not to kill. Instead for now it just wanted to enjoy the freedom of having finished that chapter of its life. I was a little sad when it didn't return to my arm choosing instead to sit a few feet away. But I was happy that the bird was doing everything right.

Second dream.
I was walking in a lane way going about my days activities. At a 90 degree bend in the lane a neighbor had parked his jeep and was feeding/checking on his animals.
In real life I would only say "Hello" and keep walking because when I was young this person was very nosy and I always felt this person saw me as stupid.
In the dream I stopped, said hello and asked him how he was. How he was feeling since his heart attack a few years ago which was caused by self induced stress. In real life this person is in their early forties.
I asked him if his quality of life is better, if he is as stressed as he used to be. He said he was doing well and not so stressed. He was much quieter also.
As this was a casual encounter I bid him good day and walked on about my business.

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