Afraid to try WILD technique

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Afraid to try WILD technique

Postby galastrato » 29 Oct 2014 03:28

Hello guys! Just wanted to say that i am afraid of the nighttime experiences..

I learned about lucid dreaming about a year ago, and the concept absolutely blew my mind!! Doing whatever you want? Talking to your own subconciousness? Seeing things I could not have ever imagined? Yes please!

However i hit a wall. At first, after the negative response of my family towards lucid dreaming, my curiosity fell. But recently I started trying to finally get the experience.

Yesterday for example I went to sleep a little bit earlier, in order to let my body relax while not yet falling asleep. (At this point i am pretty excited)
As a person who always was very impressionable, I find it hard to calm myself. I am still trying to keep away from scary movies, because of how strongly they affect me. My mind will make sure to make me imagine all kind of things in the dark, when i am going to sleep. This is the wall I keep hitting.

So as I said, yesterday, after about 20 minutes of lying in the bed, looking up with all my limbs outstretched, my vision started to drift into complete darkness, with random singular pulses coming from inside of me, the fear crept up again.

After reading about people experiencing that vast darkness that seems to be pushing on their chests, and the rapid pulsations, as well as the paralisys, i get too afraid and move my eyes, or my hand, something to stop the process :(

I really wish to overcome the fear, but I cannot stop my brain from bringing up the creepiest shit imaginable (believe me, horror movies are nothing compared to this stuff)

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Re: Afraid to try WILD technique

Postby Je-Je » 29 Oct 2014 09:40

yeah i know this feeling, when i first started to lucid dream and discouvert about sleep paralysis, i was scared to lie on my back on the bed so i always sleep on my side. But dont worry because you have 1/5 in your life to accidentally have a sleep paralysis. So you can continue practicing. ;)
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