My first time here...

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My first time here...

Postby Old Traveler » 30 Oct 2014 16:36

This is my first time here but by no means new to
Lucid dreaming.

It was Winter in Minneapolis Minnesota 1979. I had taken
an interest in OBE's and how to have one. Having already practiced
meditation, I decided to use the same "focus and concentration" to
focus on leaving my body. I imagined in my minds eye that I was
pulling myself up and out on a rope like the ones we used in gym
class. It sounds easy but in fact it was not. I eventually drifted off
to sleep. Shortly afterward I awoke with a buzzing sensation; it was
like being plugged into an electric wall outlet. I started to get
anxious but decided not to let myself get carried away.
I made myself roll out of bed. I had an intense pain in my head.
I could actually feel my feet touch the floor. I was
elated! I was actually having and OBE. I remember thinking, "I should
be able to see myself in bed!" I wasn't there! In fact my bed was
nicely made up. It WAS my room but there was a chair in the corner
where there really should not have been. In place of my stove sat an
old radiator heater, and I could not see myself in the mirror. Feet as
heavy as lead, I managed to exit my apartment into the hallway and
pull myself up the stairway bannister. Outside it was a warm sunny day!

I eventually came across LaBerges book on Lucid Dreaming and later
his second book. It was evident to me that I had not had an OBE but a
lucid dream.

I am almost seventy years old and have had several lucid dreams. Many
of them I call pre-lucid because I never quite become fully lucid.

October 28th 2014
A Pre Lucid Dream.
I took my Donepezile, and a B-12 tablet
and went to bed at 10:30pm.

I don't know when the dream started but
It was about Sara D, when I knew her years
ago, back in Minnesota, when she filled an
empty place in the heart.

She was the good student, from a professional
family, her father a doctor at the Rochester
Hospital in Rochester Minnesota.

She worked at the Mayo Clinic In Minneapolis,
a student job, a mail clerk part time, and I
would stop by in the afternoons and make the
rounds with her. She was just nineteen and I
the older man of thirty.

In the dream I had met her again, at her house
in Los Angeles,but it was not her house,
It was mine, where I had grown up as a teen,
but she was there and I wanted to talk to her,
again, rekindle something.

I looked for her in the house, a room with
plastic sheeting, someone was doing remodeling.
It was her parents room, my mothers in real
life, but in the dream it was HER parents. They
were not home.

I found her, I just wanted to talk, to be close again,
but she was absorbed with other interests, on
the phone with someone, “Always nice to talk
to you David” she said. I was not David and I went
into another room, her bedroom, and began to break
apart her furniture!

When I waken It is 2:02am.

I am nearly seventy now, still the older man, her
no longer the student, a Lawyer, and she appears
to be happy.

Really, what more could I want but that?

Falling back to sleep, again and again,
new dreams emerge, I nearly break into full lucidity
but remain submerged.

The scene is fresh and new; the town is something
smaller, in the country I think, rural and rustic. And a
woman appears, in her late twenties I think, tough and
beautifully shaped, her shirt open, large breast exposed
to the daylight, long dark hair over her shoulders.

She walks down a path to a body of lake water where
there is a recreation building or perhaps is is a
boat house. I can't help but follow,
her brown body, masculine, muscles defined and sharp
against the background. She is in cut offs now and wears a
bikini top; from behind I can see how broad her shoulders,
years of weight training. She is beautiful and I am
enthralled. Mesmerized! Aroused!

Her blond friend, short hair, not so stunning. Not
so well defined. Not so sharp against the background, but
beautiful non the less. And soon we are all at a party
and she asks me in a manly but feminine way if I have
any weed. I have not.

Many young men and women are at this party.
Another young woman has my attention and we look
for a safe way under the boat docks but there is nowhere
to place our bodies. There is only the deep dark water.

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Re: My first time here...

Postby torakrubik » 31 Oct 2014 00:53

Interesting dreams, thanks for sharing.
Dreaming is my drug

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Re: My first time here...

Postby Old Traveler » 31 Oct 2014 15:50

I have a question. When you travel around town, have
you ever had an instance where some one reported
seeing you, say in their house or on the street?

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