A Divine Encounter & A Second Chance

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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A Divine Encounter & A Second Chance

Postby Arcadian » 23 May 2012 07:23

Thank you Rebecca for making this new forum!

I want to share a very personal dream I had two years ago. In fact, it was exactly two years ago from today. While re-reading my dream-journal entry I noticed the dream was recorded 05/23-24/10! I swear on my life I had no idea the specific date of this dream. I'm actually a bit freaked out by it because it makes it all the more special that I'd happen to share it exactly two years later. Talking about STRANGE!

As I was saying, the dream is probably the most influential of dreams I've ever had. I may be a bit embarrassed to share it because it reveals so much about me, but now I have to since the timing of me considering sharing matches with the dream. Let me say this from the start: I am a spiritual person who believes in Jesus and yes I know it completely defies logic. I used to be agnostic at one time and I know there is no clear evidence for my beliefs and that I cannot prove any of it. However, I'm not your typical Christ follower. I'll never force my views on you. PM me if you want to hear my reasons.

On to the dream.

It started in a large square room. The walls were about 10 yards away from the center of the room. The room was completely white; the floors, walls, celling, everything. In the center sat a white dining room table with white chairs around it. There were other dream characters with me, perhaps 5, but I do not know who they were. At this time, water began flooding into the rooms from the bottom of the walls. The water steadily rose higher until we realized we would soon drown. The dream characters began frantically stacking up the chairs on the table to get to the highest point possible. I helped them do this, but I was the only one calm. I thought to myself, "I am okay with dying. I will just go meet the Lord."

The water began to rise higher and higher. We were all at our highest points possible. The water reached my chest, then my neck. Right before It reached my mouth I had a thought: This is it. Once I die, I cannot go back. I began to have a flashback of all the encounters I had with the people I knew and the relationships I had with them. I thought about how I could have made them better. Perhaps I could have not lived so selfishly with the Christian mindset of "I'm okay with dying because I'm right with the Lord." Whatever actions I had made in life, they would be forever trapped in the pages of time. They couldn't be undone. And now I would spend eternity reflecting back on how I lived. This is it. Deep sadness filled my heart as I realized I should have made my one life on Earth count for everything I could make it for, which was spending more time with friends and family, and making new friends with people I wouldn't cared to talk to before. Fear now gripped be as I became frantic as well and clawed my way to the top of the chairs, wanting to LIVE.

At this this point when all seemed lost, the water began to recede. It completely drained out from where it came and the room was dry again. My mindset became vividly clear: Do not live your life with regrets with the people you knew. Or to use a quote from the movie "Inception": "Or become an old man filled with regret, waiting to die alone?"

The dream characters began to set up the chairs and tables back where they were. A door appeared on one side of the room and opened. Golden light poured out so bright that I could not see what was on the other side. But somehow I knew who was about to walk through that door. It was God, and I was about to have dinner with him! At this exact moment of me realizing what was about to come, my alarm clock went off. I awoke and stared in dismay at being a second from seeing God from walking out the door. Maybe it was God, maybe it wasn't, but at least I was going to see who it was if it were not for my alarm!

So there you have it. The dream was very emotional and it changed me to the core. It still affects me to this day. It has made me a very chill person and I strive my hardest not go get upset over the small things in life, and instead build relationships with people and improve the ones I have. Don't mean to sound all mushy but it's true. Hope whoever read it got something out of it, even if you are agnostic or atheist, there is still some value in it. Peace! Time to sleep and see if I'll get to pick up where I left off seeing as it's exactly two years ago ;)
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Re: A Divine Encounter & A Second Chance

Postby Kranter » 27 May 2012 03:54

That seems like a really cool dream. I feel like I actually did get something from that. Thanks for sharing. ;)
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Re: A Divine Encounter & A Second Chance

Postby dreamerinmiami » 28 May 2012 01:13

that is a great dream... God came to you in your dreams... God works in mysterious ways and he showed you a new perspective on life... thanks for sharing , i most def got something out of this. God bless you :)
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Re: A Divine Encounter & A Second Chance

Postby rdc8214 » 20 Jun 2012 20:25

Your dream was very closely aligned with a dream i had just a couple months ago, ironically right before easter. I was with a couple other people in a big room with only a floor and endless black nothingness for walls and a ceiling. At the other end of the room was a door with frame, but no wall as i said. I felt compelled to go towards the door and open it. As i did the other two people came on either side just one step behind. I came to the door and opened it. In side was the strangest sight i have ever had in a dream. There was a floor of wavy, turbulent water and a ceiling composed of the same. At the end of this room there were seven columns of water(similar to water spouts, tornados) all in linear formation. I heard a voice call to me and say " If you have faith in me, you will cross into the water." I knew it was a test and felt every bit scared, but walked from the doorway to the water. I was immediately submersed and was looking up as a sank. The emotions i experienced were intense as well as my thoughts. Then I heard the voice again saying, "Ye of little faith." I felt abandoned and i would not try to swim in order to show my dedication. I sank and sank never hitting bottom, but awakening when i felt the blackness take over my eyes. I woke up with tears in my eyes and a wonder of what the dream meant. Even recanting the story to a couple of family members within the next couple days would make me cry because it was such an emotional experience.
As i put this dream into words i have to wonder if the voice was talking to me the second time or if it was talking to the other two people. I never did see them again once i entered the water and never really saw them to begin with. I just knew they were there.
Anyways this dream isn't something i would of shared with everyone, but your courage was contagious. Thank you for sharing. :D

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Re: A Divine Encounter & A Second Chance

Postby SGraham » 21 Jun 2012 22:53

This was a great dream Arcadian , I injoyed the theme of the dream even though im an atheist ,because after all i think it touches home for all religions with a basic message " live your life to the fullest"

P.S. thats normal to have dreams that change everything about you. i have had a few my self but i dont think im comfertable sharing them.
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Re: A Divine Encounter & A Second Chance

Postby maxsyscissorluv » 24 Jun 2012 03:34

That is a very nice dream I hate when your about to meet someone in a dream and you get waked up !!! Ive had a dream like that. It was definetly life-altering. But it wasnt pleasent It was horrific.
I ended up seeing hell and all the tortured souls there. But in the end an angel saved me. But just the sight of all those people with undescribable pain on their face is enough to sent shivers down my spine :shock:

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