Lucid Dream or not?

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Lucid Dream or not?

Postby Old Traveler » 02 Nov 2014 09:43

November 2nd 2014

LD or not an LD?

I had my first experience using Choline Bitartrate with my prescription
Donepezil. Choline is highly recommened for use with dream enhancers
like Galantamine and Huberzine.

Like Galantamine and Huberzine, it is a drug used to treat
mild memory loss and Alzheimer disease. Donepezil like the other two
it increases Acetylcholine (ACh) levels in the brain by preventing it from
breaking down. Acetylcholine is quite possibly the most important
neurotransmitter involved in lucid dreaming.

I went to bed early, 9pm and slept until 12:30am. I got up and took my
Donepezil with 125mg of Choline (with food to prevent upset stomach) and
returned to bed.

I began by with my relaxation procedure , watching my breath and
commanding myself to let go. “In a few moments I will recognize that I am
lucid and dreaming.” It's a boring procedure but effective.

I had a specific intend with this lucid dream; I wanted to remote view a
new target posted by one of the Hawaiian Targeteers.

Suddenly I am asleep and dreaming. I KNOW that I am dreaming!
My hands touch some kind of wall and I see blue light come from it.

I remember to direct myself to do Phils RV target. “SHOW ME THE TARGET!”
Instantly I see Earth suspended in space, but don't know if this is the target or not.
I am there. I don't fly or float down. I am just there and see a long expanse of
what looks like some kind of low lying bridge stretching across the water.
It is night time and moonlight reflects off the water. “SHOW ME ANOTHER VIEW.”
And instantly I am looking at a shorter version of the structure. I am looking at
the shoreline across the water. It is still dark and the trees appear as clumped
silhouettes. INSTANTLY I am looking at another view of what may or not be Earth.
It is huge and all brilliant white against the blackness of space. I can only see
one small portion of this globe, the upper left. I can't seem to get anymore information
regarding the target.

I am back in my room but not my room. There is a window where there is no
window and I can see a tree outside and two people looking up at it and talking.
They turn their heads but it is a jerky movement.

This is a strange experience because when I close and open my eyes, I am back
in what appears to be my REAL room. I do it again and I'm back in the other room.
It is as though I am shifting consciousness between the dream and what I think is real.

The scene changes and I am with Heddy Lang, the Director of NCIS Los Angeles.
She wants me to do something for her. She is deeply worried about her son! She
wants me to keep an eye on him, locate him and look after him.

Across the street is the train station. We walk over to the train yard but the train he was
on has already pulled out. She is more worried than ever. She yells across to the yard
supervisor and is talking with him. Strange; I cannot see him.

I am still conscious that I am dreaming. It is still night time. She takes me over to
his rooming house, a large imposing brick building that I instantly recognize as
being an administration building on the University of Minnesota Mall, but in
the dream it has become a rooming house. I enter through the back entrance where
I see a young man talking on his cell. I ask if Heddie's son is inside. He directs me
in where there are people standing around. I sit and wait.

Dream ends. 3Am

This is not like any LD I have had in the past. I AM aware I am dreaming
but the whole experience seems blunted. I seem right in between being asleep and
being awake. I think this is the effect of the Choline.

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Re: Lucid Dream or not?

Postby taniaaust1 » 14 Nov 2014 05:24

Ive done a little bit of RV stuff before.. did it turn out you were on target? (I assume you were doing a target blinded using just coordinates).

Ive found with RV one can shift ones focus from place to place (similar to how one can shift oneself in dreams).
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