Recurring volcano dreams??

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Recurring volcano dreams??

Postby emberfire012 » 08 Nov 2014 04:47

Several times through the last few months, I have been having a reccuring dream about a volcano, and this dream is becoming more and more frequent. This is what always happens in the dream.
I'm always in my bedroom when the volcano erupts. Sometimes the dream tells me I'm on vacation and my room is in a vacation house, which is to explain why there's a volcano, since I live far away from any volcanoes. Other times, I'm told that the Yellowstone Supervolcano finally erupted.
But then once I acknowledge the fact that the volcano is erupting, my mom always comes into my room and tells me that we're evacuating, and that I have to pack a small backpack full of things I can't replace, and then I run around my room grabbing things, severely panicked almost to the point of the dream becoming a nightmare.
And then once I'm packed, I always run out to my garage where my family is in the car, and once we pull out of the garage, I always see the same thing: the volcano in the northeast, erupting, yellow mountains on the horizon (I live near no mountains), and flaming balls of hot rock falling from the sky, creating great damage.
That is what happens in most dreams. But once, I had a variation in which me and my family were out west at a park (This is America), and Yellowstone erupted, and we had to make a quick, harrowing escape from the hot rocks falling from the sky, and while escaping, I died. Another variation I've had was when I was about 9, and in that dream, we were evacuating when the hot rocks fell and killed my mom, younger sister, and me.
I'm also what most people would call a "conspiracy theorist", and I have noticed a large uptick in seismic activity around dormant/active volcanoes recently, and this begun when I began having the volcano dreams frequently, so I wonder if the dreams and the activity are related? Does anyone else have dreams of this nature?

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Re: Recurring volcano dreams??

Postby jasmine2 » 11 Nov 2014 08:34

I can understand how people who live near a real volcano might have scary dreams about potential real life volcanic eruptions.

I have never lived near a volcano, however, several times over the years, I've had pretty dramatic dreams about sensing that a volcano was either getting ready to erupt, or there was an active eruption nearby, or glowing lava was actually moving into my house.

Often I anxiously search for a safe pathway around slowly advancing lava flows, but I always seem to eventually figure out the best direction to move towards.

I think that when I dream about a volcano, I am usually facing some big challenge to my routine way of doing things -- either in an everyday situation (such as a career change), or some psychological pattern in my life, which is undergoing, or needs to undergo, a pretty major transformation.

Sometimes, I had been thinking about setting out in a new life direction, but kept coming up with lots of excuses for sticking to my habitual pattern. In such cases the volcanic activity was arousing in me an intense emotion to, "Get moving and head for a different place, NOW!"

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Re: Recurring volcano dreams??

Postby taniaaust1 » 16 Nov 2014 07:53

Volcano dreams can be caused by bottling emotions on some bad situation (bottling till things reach a crisis point and explode or your feelings explode). In your case seeing you fled .. I wonder if you do the same with the situation rather then face it and deal with it.

It isnt at all surprising that this kind of dream be reoccuring till the life situation comes to a head or you face it.

(ignore this interpretation if it doesnt feel right to you).
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Re: Recurring volcano dreams??

Postby dream221b » 05 Dec 2016 00:39

My mother has had similar dreams throughout her life. She says it starts with all of us, meaning our family, and we are about to eat lunch. Just then a volcano erupts and lava is flowing in our direction. My mom says we need to go north, but my dad says to go another way. In panic she goes her way, but she realizes that my dad took me and my sister the other way. It ends with her screaming at us to come back, because the lava was getting very close to us. The scary part of this dream is that we plan to move back to our native country. :( Who knows, maybe this dream is trying to give her a different message? Maybe the volcano eruption means we will have a new life?? I don't know I am not good at interpreting dreams! XD

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Re: Recurring volcano dreams??

Postby blueluna5 » 06 Dec 2016 04:18

Of course this is just my opinion but I use to dream of tornadoes all the time. Dreams stem from emotions so if you're scared or upset about something in life it could manifest as volcanoes since your thinking about them a good bit. I was going though a rough time and had a lot of dreams about tornados.

This is how I stopped it. Everytime I would see a tornado on TV, computer, or think of it I would do a reality check and ask if I'm dreaming. So my next tornado dream I woke up beside a giant tornado and I didn't even have to do a reality check since I was so close I knew I was dreaming. I closed my eyes and put my hands up and said tornado disappear! Opened my eyes and watched the end of it vanish in thin air. The was my last dream of a tornado.

Hopefully something like that will work for you. Hope all is well. Good luck with it!

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