Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Postby buildit » 09 Nov 2014 19:24

So last night was the first time I tried flying as a corporeal being into and back from outer space. Talk about an involved dream! At first I was trying to just control my landings. I tried swooping low and then suddenly flair like a bird at the end but kept getting a face full of earth. I finally found that a motion much like running down a flight of stairs work great once I got my speed low enough.
Suddenly I was working with NASA and the JPL ( Jet Propulsion Labs) to see if I could carry emergency supplies to the ISS (International Space Station). :o I couldn't handle a full space suit so we retrofitted a deep sea diving wet suit and made it as tight fitting as possible. My motion was pretty limited but even with the air tanks and face mask it was reasonably light. All I had to do was get a 10 lb sack of food supplies to the ISS. I had a radio guide to help me find it so up I went. At 10,000 ft I turned my air on and was on the clock with 60 min of air. The station was hard to find and it took a while for me to learn fine control of my flying in space even once I got going fast enough to keep up with it. But at last I reached it and put the sack inside the hatch so I could return.
Only five minutes of air left and I had not yet reentered the atmosphere. To do so I had to slow way down and drop in at slowly or I'd burn up. So with minutes left, trying to slow my breathing and feeling the atmosphere burning at my skin I kept trying to slow myself with the down stairs run landing technique. I could feel and hear air rushing past at an insane rate of speed but I was in the upper atmosphere as the air ran out. I pried the mask away from my face to gasp for air. It was cold and burned my lungs but I didn't pass out. Still slowing myself I came up on a large bank of clouds, I couldn't see how far from the ground I was because of them but thought I was somewhere over Asia and the Himalayas.
Suddenly I was on what seemed to be solid ground but it was "mushy" and I couldn't see thru the fog to my feet to see what I was standing on. I reached an edge and looked down to realize I was still flying and was in the cloud at least 6-7,000 ft above the earth still.
I kept thinking someone was watching me up there. Then I had a scary thought about a jet flying into me as I stood there and I did a nose dive jump off the edge towards the earth again. That was when it ended. I never did get back to the ground and really land. :( Maybe I'll be able to reacquire the dream again tonight. 8-)
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Re: Flying

Postby dreamstudent » 16 Nov 2014 08:03

So im confused was this lucid, sounds like you were just going along with a dream? but you make it sound like you conciously made some of your movements and actions so im confused i guess.

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