Beautiful Dreams

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Beautiful Dreams

Postby btifuldreamer » 15 Nov 2014 14:30

Have you ever had a dream where you wake up feeling so amazed, thrilled, happy and full of good spirits

because you had a wonderful dream? Wither you've had a conversation with someone special or someone

you've always wanted to meet, or maybe the dream was a whole lot of fun. I want to know when and why

these dreams occur. Is it just the perfect combination of everything in the dream goes right or is our minds

aiding us when we felt a bit down and needs cheering up. When i have what seem like perfect dreams, i

can't remember what i was feeling before i went to bed but i can slightly remember that i wasn't sad or

anything. I just woke up overly happy. So, anyways, why and when do these beautiful dreams occur?

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Re: Beautiful Dreams

Postby buildit » 15 Nov 2014 14:51

I fear this might be like asking for the perfect day. It is the combination od so many things that it is by design a difficult thing to just "produce". But think about it this way. If there was a perfect meal and you had it every day would it still be a perfect meal? ;)
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Re: Beautiful Dreams

Postby StormSharkX » 15 Nov 2014 21:47

I can easily remember the most perfect dream I ever had, my dreams are often very vivid and I can often turn them lucid, I know a couple of self taught hypnotic like techniques that I can successfully play out within my imagination that give me a high success rate of entering a lucid dream, years ago before I discovered these techniques or started researching dreams in the first place I naturally had the most perfect dream I have ever experienced which got me into dreams research in the first place, although I have never been able to replicate the same dream ever again since that one time, I have guided myself into other dreams I would describe as beautiful many times, but that one time many years ago I can only describe as a haven like paradise.

The dream started off waking up in my bed, in my dream I thought I was awake as the room around me was my room, only then I started to float up out of my bed and out of the window, outside was a place I had never seen before, very beautiful I was floating over the most perfect meadow fields you could ever imagine, but it was not just the view that made it so perfect it was the feeling, during this experience I released I must be dreaming, this for me was one of the first times I ever realized this in a dream and hence the dream became lucid, I did not even know the term lucid at the time, I only had very little control overt the dream still having realized, I was able to sway the direction of which I was floating that was all, if before I went to bed that night you had asked me what my perfect dream would be I would certainly not have answered floating over meadow fields alone without a single care in the world, but having experienced this I have never experienced anything else even as close to a feeling of true paradise, then as I was floating I started to rise up higher in the sky I kind of lost control of my flight path like I was still learning to fly in my dream, my memory of the surrounding is very patchy after that, I recall entering the clouds and somehow I seem to recall a white stone pillow but I cant remember much more about it, all I know is that it felt like paradise.

Only then I began to worry that this was not really a dream and that I might actually be dead and entering haven, i'm not even a religious person , never go to church or anything like that, but still I though that might be what was happening and although it did not make me panic since it was still such a beautiful place, I still decided to test my "am I dying" theory by trying to wake myself up not because I was scared but more because I was curious to see if I could, anyway I managed to wake myself up in bed and realized it was just a dream and that I was still alive and healthy, once I realized I tried going straight back to sleep in the hope I could carry on from where I left off but never again since have I ever managed, at least from what I can remember and I often remember my dreams, to repeat or continue that one dream.

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