Are there many different worlds/lives out currently and we'r

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Are there many different worlds/lives out currently and we'r

Postby Can » 15 Nov 2014 22:21

I had a dream which involved me going to the year 2010. Now, it got me thinking that maybe there are so many different worlds out there and we're just one of them. For example, we're in 2014 but at this moment in time there are so many worlds out there in different years so 2005, 2008 etc. I think our human brains are not that powerful because we always look for the simple answers and then we don't think much about them. But I think there must be something going on. Like for example some people believe we die and go into another world. Well how do we know that we haven't already died? And maybe we just can't remember our previous lives. I think we can access the other worlds that I talked about in our dreams. So when we dream we enter all those different worlds that are actually real but to us we think it's a dream. I think we have all lived our lives before but things may have changed each time we live it. So we're the same person living again and again but every time we live there may or may not be any changes. Even if there were changes we can't remember them because we can't remember our previous lives. This is why we have deja vu's - because we have lived that same life before we just can't remember it. When I had that dream of going to the year 2010 - that world is happening right now its just I can't access it. What do you guys think? I hope this makes sense. It does in my head.

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Re: Are there many different worlds/lives out currently and

Postby taniaaust1 » 16 Nov 2014 06:55

So when we dream we enter all those different worlds that are actually real but to us we think it's a dream.

I do believe in multiple universes and dimensions but I see lucid dreaming as just a dream (mental/mind) creation. I say this as it is quite noticable to me how I create the dream with my own subconsciousness (something which can be easy to see if you understand the symbolism your subconsciousness uses) and my own waking mind during the LD.

eg if Im in a LD and start thinking scary thoughts, then my dream will get scarier. My dreaming is directly related to my mind and emotions.
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Re: Are there many different worlds/lives out currently and

Postby DesertExplorer » 18 Nov 2014 01:38

I love it when people think like this.. :)

I would like to think that parallel universes exist, indeed. For me this theory reflects like reality, because of the unique feelings it can trigger, but I believe it will be too long till people will have the means to verify the theory as false or true. I like what you said about the deja vu thing. I feel like it can be real. It just hits us when we encounter one already lived experienced. I really like this thought. I have thought about it many times and it never gets old.. Unfortunately we can only guess. And thinking about these things is a reflection of the future in my opinion, so we will learn about it (based on your opinion about previous and next lives). No need to worry. ;)

As for the dreams, I hope I don't disappoint you with my answer, because I believe it's just a reflection of our lives and nothing else. Though, there are some very eerie ones that got me thinking that we may see things of our lives in a way that comes from our past combined with the present. In that way our dreams contain mixtures of all our past experienced emotions, thus dreams are really important. But nobody can tell why they really exist. It is not a subject to be fully studied in a particular way. We have progressed just far enough to share thoughts about dreams between us, but not to accept it as 1+1=2 for example. And I hope we never find out, because it would make it as a another plain fact. :D
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Re: Are there many different worlds/lives out currently and

Postby R99 » 22 Nov 2014 16:43

I am not ready to describe dream as just dream. i like to describe it as THE DREAM. In my experience dreaming is another waking life. with altered reality. we all know the dreams can vivid and realistic as waking life. (to me ofcoz.) we felt emotions and even pain in its full glory wen we r in a dream. and we carried it some of 'em to our current waking life. what we have here as LD or THE DREAM is like an amazing tool that can solve any problem in our waking life. we just dont know how to use it properly. we r just scratching its surface. the unlimited potential of our subconscious is in there , in ourself. and dreaming is an easy way to unlock it. u r here bcoz of a reason. find it. 7 billion people walking on the face of earth , and only few of them know about dreaming and its power . and we r that few. use it efficiently. and most of all wisely


Gud luck dreamers.
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Re: Are there many different worlds/lives out currently and

Postby dreamstudent » 23 Nov 2014 09:17

Definitely a concept similar to a man named Robert Monroe his theories are much like this, I like to think life is something in this nature. :)

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