The Picture Frame Technique.

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The Picture Frame Technique.

Postby StormSharkX » 15 Nov 2014 23:26

Walking into a picture frame, this is one of two techniques I mastered, the other I have already posted a topic about which involved using the world of Star Trek to enter a lucid dream, this one does not give me as high a success rate as the Star Trek one, but when it works it opens up a much higher level of control, the Star Trek technique as described here is more guided and vivid, where as technique I call the picture frame allows me to enter a world I have a lot more control over, but tends not to last as long or give the same level of success of working as as the Star Trek Guided technique.

The Picture frame is very simple when it worlds, all I do is imagine a blank picture frame in front of me as I am on the verge of falling asleep, I stand in front of the picture and use my imagination to create a landscape imaged within the picture, the most successful images I can create are very simple, creating a path in the middle of a forest, or a picture of a plain corridor inside a building seems to work best, then its all about timing I need to build the picture in my imagination as I am falling asleep, then once the picture is clear hold the image in my mind with me standing right in front of it in a blank space, then right as I feel I can hold awake no long just as I am ready to fall asleep I take one step into the picture and the lucid world is created around me.

When this technique works I know straight away that I have fallen asleep and can start to reshape the dream I am in with a huge amount of control while it lasts, sometimes when it fails it just goes blank like a dark room and I loose the dream completely sometimes I can restore some kind of make shift environment to remain lucid in but this never lasts as long or give me as much control as when it clicks right and I am driven straight into a rich reshapeable lucid world. the most successful paths are often simple, starting out walking a path through a forest is where I personally gain the most success, from there I can develop the skills of fly find groups of others within the woods travelling to and from various destinations, the forest does not have to be a dark place, I dream in color that for sure, and it can often be a bright and sunny day outside in the dreams I create.

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Re: The Picture Frame Technique.

Postby dreamstudent » 02 Dec 2014 21:42

That's awesome I'm gonna try that!!

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Re: The Picture Frame Technique.

Postby JonSnowLD » 18 Dec 2014 22:05

Just read the star trek link because it intrigued me-in Are You Dreaming (I think it was this book!) by Daniel Love, he describes how he uses the transporters in Star Trek (or the idea of them anyway) to change the dreamscape in a lucid dream-it seems like star trek is a gateway to lucid dreams ;)

The picture idea sounds awesome I agree with dreamstudent!
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