Flying In Dreams Progression

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Flying In Dreams Progression

Postby StormSharkX » 16 Nov 2014 16:47

I find the aspect of flying in dreams fascinating since its something that I progressively got better at over the years, I find that each time I am able to fly in a dream I become better and better at it.

For example I recall back years ago when I first started to recall been able to fly in dreams, I used to have problems with controlling myself in the air, my flying technique back then was very sluggish I would struggle to control my direct and find that often I would just start to float away upwards without been able to control my accent or be able to fly back downwards, I would often occur hazardous obstacles in the air as I often found myself flying through urban city areas and encounter obstacles like overhead power lines or telephone lines that would obstruct my way and I would often find it difficult to navigate between them, sometimes this was even a little scary since often I would not be aware that I was dreaming and fear been electrocuted by such obstacles.

But over the years as I grew in experience of these dreams I became better and better at flying, now flying in a dream is no longer an issue for me, its something that I have mastered to the point that I can even show off about it in my dreams to other dream characters, sometimes other dream characters share the ability to fly with me, where as others do not, but even when I encounter other characters that can also fly I am always far superior at this skill, often I compete with other flying dream characters in aerial combat but they are never any match for me I can easily use my superior speed and movement to fly circles around them, other times we may just race and I always thrash whoever it is I am racing, there has even been occasions where I have sort to teach other dream characters how to improve there flying skill.

Since I only know of my own experience of flying in dreams I am curious if anyone else has had similar progressive experiences with flying or any other progressive ability within there dreams also, is there anything else that you consider a skill you have improved upon over time within your dream state?

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Re: Flying In Dreams Progression

Postby buildit » 16 Nov 2014 18:15

I had an in depth lucid dream a little while ago in which I spent a decent amount of time perfecting something I had never worried about before, landings. For some reason I had always awakened before landing , just sort of did it superhero style taking the full crushing force without really slowing down or was not in corporeal form (normally I fly as just energy) . It was a very long lucid dream and I haven't had one since but here is a link to the event.
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Re: Flying In Dreams Progression

Postby Snaggle » 16 Nov 2014 23:12

StormSharkX wrote:Since I only know of my own experience of flying in dreams I am curious if anyone else has had similar progressive experiences with flying or any other progressive ability within there dreams also, is there anything else that you consider a skill you have improved upon over time within your dream state?

My flying is still quite primitive, usually I exit a a dream character as a disembodied consciousness when I want to travel. As a disembodied consciousness I can move anywhere and in any direction at great speed. I did, however, have a progression with this movement. At first I treated physical objects as real and did not travel through them. I also did not realize that instead of travelling a could just instantly teleport to locations.

Hygnagogic imagery initially just appeared and I watched it. It took me a long time to be able: to zoom in or zoom out; to flip my viewpoint of the HI or to change the HI itself at will; finally to manipulate the HI state. I tried to look through my closed eyes in an HI state without images and could, seeing both the room I was in and moving out of it with vision originating from my closed eyes. Later I tried the same thing; but tried to walk around with my eyes closed and just using the HI vision - surprisingly I could without hitting anything and even saw my cat, confirming he was really there by opening my eyes and looking. These were fairly fun experiments with the HI state and surprising.
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Re: Flying In Dreams Progression

Postby emmJ » 16 Jan 2017 23:13

My flying experience is similar to that of StormSharkX, at least in the sense of the progressiveness.
When I was a kid/teenager I used to dream I fall from a large height and I damage my body upon impact with the floor. With time I learnt to slow down the fall speed just before the impact so that the pain is reduced.
Then I learnt not to fall at all but fly instead. Similarly to StormSharkX initially I could not control the flight at all. With time though I mastered it and now I (a) control my flights (b) do so often in my dreams.
The dreams are very often lucid. I realize I'm dreaming and therefore I start to fly rather than as a response to a potentially dangerous falling experience.
Also similarly to StormSharkX I sometimes challenge others. The challenge takes a different form though. For example I dreamt that my friend and myself were hovering next to our mutual stationary friend. My hovering friend and I tried to convince the mutual friend that this is a dream and thus flying is possible. All he needs to do is to raise his legs and the rest will just do. He raised his legs and fell on the floor. Then he said he does not believe it is a dream.
On another occasion I challenged my physics professors. I hoovered next to them demonstrating my skill. They said it is impossible. I was surprised they did not recognize they were part of a dreamt content.
Last summer I've ate too much shrooms. As a consequence I've regressed back in my dreams to the period when I severely hit the floor falling from heights and being unable to control my position in space. Lasted for few nights before it all came back to "normal".
My goal, most definitely unreachable, is to reach outer space and go beyond Solar System. I believe it is unreachable for I got no experience of weightlessness of outer space and I got no experience of practically unbound horizon. All my dreams exhibit some spatial boundary, so to speak.

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Re: Flying In Dreams Progression

Postby neil » 25 Jan 2017 01:09

Just a beginner, only had 15 LDs, have no control over any dream aspects and struggle to keep lucid for more than a minute or so, but wierdly the one thing I can do is fly perfectly, the first thing I did in a dream that stabalised was fly, now from the instant I realise I'm dreaming I automatically take off. Maybe a lot is down to expectation, I never expected it would be a problem to fly in dreams, and it is n't.

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Re: Flying In Dreams Progression

Postby MissIsobel » 12 May 2017 18:11


This is my first post ever but the OP interested me very much because I have never met anyone else who has had a skill progression in their dreams. In fact I have met very few people who have had flying dreams period. But here I will share with you my journey.

I remember almost every flying dream vividly, they started when I was about 7-8, I was living in Bulgaria, my place of birth. I couldn't fly at first, but I was convinced I could and my first dream was me running like mad through the town Square flapping my arms like a lunatic screaming at other dream people who were justifiably weirded out by me that I could fly and I would show them. I would run and jump, glide for a few feet and then crash down uninjured and repeat.

Following that I had dreams where I could jump very high, over obstacles. The most intriguing part has always been that I can recall events from previous dreams, no matter how long ago and use them. Even if I forgot about it while awake.

There was a long period of time, several years where I had random dreams attempting to fly using odd contraptions and failing miserably. Then one day when I was 20 and living in south Florida for 7 years it finally happened. I just flew, as though I'd always known how to. I flew around the city through the clouds just checking stuff out and came across a curious scene of an happy elderly black man sitting in front of a cottage feeding baby ducklings in the pond in his yard on top of a giant cloud. He advised me then but I can't recall his advice now. Since then I've just been able to do it and every time I get better and better.

I've never met another flying dream person, but I did have one dream where I took a friend for a flight. We held hands and I was able to pass my ability on to the friend.

Most recently, last night, I dreamed that I was trying to get out of the atmosphere. I want very much to check out outer space, but I just couldn't get high up enough. It was weird, whenever I gained a certain height I just started to float back down. I was not afraid of the height or bothered by anything, it was almost as though my magic didn't reach...

I did go to sleep in a very anxious state last night so perhaps that may have contributed to the limitation.

But after reading some of the other posts here I noticed a trend I feel left out of. I don't quite feel lucid when I'm flying. I've had lucid dreams where I can control my environment, or even fly, but not every flying dream feels lucid to me.

Is there a difference?

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