Unbelievable dream

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Unbelievable dream

Postby Joseph » 22 Nov 2014 10:47

It began when I fall asleep again after my girlfriend left for work.

I knew it was a dream immediately because I was in our old flat where we lived until I was 15. I was there with my best friend from childhood and we were discussing music as he is a guitarist and Im a big music fan. I got bored so I decided that Im going to fly over the city. I flew away from the flat into the beautiful day and saw buildings nearly like in a reality but not so detailed. I raised my speed that everything got blurry and headed to the hill which is in our town because in every lucid dream I try to go there. As in every LD as I flew there the environment changed and I was flying over unfinished wooden houses. I said to myself that my mind is amazing and saw some people like on a lecture in one of houses. I flew there everyone looked at me said something uninteresting so I decided to fly back to the city. City was different and I saw the highest building so I wanted to fly to the top. I flew to the top and suddenly I lost my flying ability and fell into the building down through the stairs on the bottom of it.

I found myself in a small room and door opened my best friend which I mentioned. I told him that we are in my head in my dream and he just shaked his head like I was mad and suddenly changed into the doctor. The room changed into the cage like those in Hanibal for psychiatric cases. He left the room and left me alone. I looked into the window and saw the hill I tried to fly to. The doctor came back to the room and I said to him I want to get to that hill. He said:
"It's there but I dont know the surrounding."
I said: "Me too maybe that's why I can't fly there."
He shaked his head again and left the room but before he closed the door I walked into it and looked around. It didnt look like a hospital more like an old warehouse building. There was another doctor who said I can't go out. I said I just want to talk. He said ok wait here. I wanted to move but I couldn't. I wanted to fly nothing worked. I tried to push my fingers through my palm but I couldn't! Still I knew it was only a dream so I did not panic.
Doctor came back with some woman who told me she is a therapist. She said:"maybe we should talk later when you will know what to say and it will be more of it."
I protested I said I have a lot of topics to talk about but she left. Doctor apologized for her behavior and said that she should not treat patients like me. I agreed and asked him if can go for a tea. Some assistant said that I should not leave the room. But the doctor agreed and said that I must choose someone to come with me. I chose the assistant who did not look happy about it.
I began to explore this weird dream. I could not walk very well like I had cramps in my legs. I saw a room full of old people which looked like high school class. They were talking something about medications on heart-attack. I went to the other room and saw an old couple kissing. It disgusted me and I saw an elevator. I entered but there were no buttons so I just waited. I tried to fly again and I could but only to the ceiling of the elevator. The elevator stopped and left me in a very big room which looked like a big warehouse with a huge container in the middle. I tried to fly around but I couldn't go through the walls. Some woman appeared and said:
"So now you can fly but it won't stop me." In the middle-air something pulled me to her with unstoppable force and I was standing in front of scary container with her.
"What is this place?" I asked.
"It's a hospital. But it's a cover for printers and your collection."
"My collection?"
She pointed on the container which opened and showed some water in it. Woman said:
"Yes your collection. Our precious."(Like in the Lord of the rings). She threw some meat in the water and some big crocodile head ate it. I was amazed and curious what will happen next and then the water started to flow away from the container. It showed a big monster with a crocodile head and body of a enormous dog. The monster ran in front of me like my own dog and I patted him on his crocodile head. From container some other small monsters ran out and started to explore the big room. Some doctors appeared and looked at me with a fear in their faces. Then one small monster bitten me in my leg which really hurt and I woke up.

I said to myself in bed WHAT THE HELL WAS THIS? :D

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Re: Unbelievable dream

Postby Mithrandiri » 23 Nov 2014 00:57

A beautifully bewildering experience is what it was. I wonder if you will encounter your precious in future dreams.
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Re: Unbelievable dream

Postby R99 » 23 Nov 2014 08:38

Interesting dream indeed, am curious to know about what DC meant about "Collection" and their "Precious".
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Re: Unbelievable dream

Postby taniaaust1 » 30 Nov 2014 15:57

That's the whole thing I love about LD, the whole unpredictable nature of it and all the weird things which happen and come into it.
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