A fun spontanous LD I had last week

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A fun spontanous LD I had last week

Postby taniaaust1 » 30 Nov 2014 16:05

LD while under the influence of an benzo sleep drug but one which should of been over half worn off.

A noise outside wakes me up, this makes me wonder "is my surf board safe in my shed?" cause I didnt lock the gate (a real life normal waking thought thou I doubt now that the outside noise was a real life one thou it may of been). So I go to get up to check but on opening my eyes, Im instantly confused for a moment as Ive found myself not in my own bedroom which of cause Im expecting but rather Im in a childrens room. At this I realise I must be lucid dreaming.

I realise that Im very deep in the dream too due to the way Ive entered it (my WILDs are a lot lighter), so know I should be able to achieve a few LD this one (I usually try to aim for 3 of my LD goals before I wake myself up so I wont forget).

I start to think about what I'd like to do, I dont currently have any set lucid dream goals so decide I'll do whatever comes to mind. As this is a childrens room I decide to see if I can get the dolls to speak to me.

I get out of bed and walk over to a couple of them laying propped up against a wall and ask one of them "Would you like to be my daughter or friend?", the doll gives me this cute little nod, then she starts speaking to me. I get the other doll to join us. Im very happy cause Ive achieved a LD goal so start looking around for what to do next.

I start walking around the room, thinking. I suddenly think of another LD challenge of mine.. get some animals to talk. I then while still in this childrens room (which has now enlarged itself, the room is starting to morph into something else possibly starting to go to an outdoor setting), come across two cats sitting on a wall, ones a ginger cat and the other is a black and white cat (same colours as the two I have currently in real life, I didnt realise that thou till I woke up). So I start talking to one of the cats.. Hi, it verbally greets me right back (second goal achieved!!).

Seeing I'd susceded with getting cats to talk, I then start thinking it would be funny to sing and dance with the cats.. so I start singing the first fun song I can think of, getting the cats to join in "Doctor knicker bocker, knicker bocker number 9, who likes to dance and keep in time (sang while swaying and dancing).. now Lets get the rhythm of the beat, We have the rhythm of the beat ****stamp foot, stamp foot**, now let's get the rhythm of the number 9. One, two.." The two cats up on the ledge are swaying and moving about and waveing their paws over their heads and singing with me. :D

Just as we got to the counting part of the song my real life phone rang and woke me fully up as it was a phone call I had to get up and answer.

(sad as I had been in that dream very deep, I had very briefly started loosing it after the first doll challenge I did while standing there a moment thinking on what to do next but had not allowed myself to be bothered at all about it fading out on me to just shades of gray and just focused back on dream feels and started walking in the dream to stay in dream state (when vision faded but feelings didnt, I firstly explored the shades of grey which then allowed shapes to start forming in the grey and then I walked when I could feel my body there till the dream room came in again till the room came back in). I had got the dream back very strongly within about 3-4 seconds and fully stabilised again during that time. I may of been able to pull myself back into this LD again and ignored the phone too had I not knew who it was and knew I had to answer it (as he would otherwise just rang and rang again!).


Note - I didnt do any reality checking as its obvious when you wake up elsewhere but I wouldnt have known at all this was a dream as it felt so very real and my waking mind was thinking so normally clear, if things werent so wrong with the situation I found myself in.
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