First Lucid Dream... Problems?

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First Lucid Dream... Problems?

Postby Hentaer » 01 Dec 2014 06:13

Hello everyone, last night I had my first real Lucid Dream. Actually it was more of a series of lucid dreams. I've read many of the guides, but after experiencing a few strange happenings, I thought I'd come here and make sure all is well.

The first thing is that I was simply aware I was in a dream to begin with. No reality checks or anything, I just knew from the start as far as I could tell.

Second, I had to "remind" myself I was in a dream 2-3 times a dream. Lucidity would fade over time, and it was more like a strangers voice than my own that would remind me by simply saying "you're dreaming". Was this a Dream Guide, or what? I never called a dream guide, but the voice was so unlike my own? Could it also be that this voice was what brought me Lucidity in the first place? I don't understand it at all.

The third, and probably strangest to me, was when I attempted to talk to my subconscious. It was somewhat on the spot, but I said aloud simply "show me my dream girl" it seems a bit silly looking back , but it was the first thing I thought of. I was in a sort of shopping mall at the time, and rather than a girl walking by or something, TVs appeared all around, on the walls and clothes racks. The head or a woman's began to appear on all of them at once, but just before the image cleared up, her face changed horribly. It s hard to explain, but it's like 2/3 or her face melted/pixelated. It's hard to explain quite right, but it was horrifying, and nearly woke me up. Was this due to a weak connection of sorts to my subconscious, or is there something else wrong?

These may be fairly common problems, but after having my first lucid dreams, these events stuck out quite a bit. I appreciate your feedback and support everyone! Thank you: )

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Re: First Lucid Dream... Problems?

Postby R99 » 01 Dec 2014 06:28

Nothing to worry about. its the beginners experience, its ur first LD , bcoz of it, ur mind is need to gettin used too. in my first LD i had this similar experiences , in it i was trying to stabilize my LD, then suddenly my dad showed up in LD and started to annoy me, (like he do it in real life when i overslept :D ) ur first goal is to stabilize the LD first. rest of em follows. and also try to keep say to ur self "This is a dream" coz at first its easy get lost in LD and in result , it becomes an ordinary dream. i had this problem when i started LD.

and the voice u heard is indeed ur own voice. ur waking state trying hard to be in lucidity. so even u r not saying it consciously the brain does it.

hope my replay helps u. gud luck dreamer...
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Re: First Lucid Dream... Problems?

Postby colossux » 01 Dec 2014 19:24

Basically, it's very similar to my lds sometimes, you begin to fade, lose your conciousness. Therefore you unconsciously want to slay in ld, so you change it to a nightmare, as we all know those are very lucid! This is very normal don't worry.

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