Meeting others in the dream world?

Discuss paranormal activity linked with sleep and dreams, such as out of body experiences, astral projection and psychic dreams.
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Meeting others in the dream world?

Postby gilliankeller05 » 02 Dec 2014 07:48

Hey everyone!
I was wondering if you've ever met anyone you loved 'out there' or 'on the astral plane' or in the dream world, then been able to recollect with them later.

I'm not sure if it's possible or not, since dreams seem pretty outlandish to me and they have seemed to be largely metaphysical or spiritual in my experience, rather than something based in science.

So, I guess I am looking for experiences others may have had for this, from that perspective. :) It's fine if you don't think it can exist. But I want to hear from people who have had this happen or have heard of this happening.

My fiancé and I are attached at the hip. Recently I met him 'out there' (though he didn't remember it the next day)... It seemed like this time he was very aware, wise, and agreed that we were in some dream realm together- other times I have met him and it's been a dream character puppet version of him. This meeting, he said, "we are like these soul mates across all planes." :) He explained that though he runs into all these other odd situations in other dreams, he always wishes he were with me, rather than some other dream girlfriend he may have as part of the scenario for the dream. I echoed the same sentiment! We held hands a moment and walked around the dream and then it faded away. It was a really nice feeling like we were always together. However the next morning he did not have a recollection, but I am wondering if it is possible or if anyone else has had experiences where this has happened! I would love nothing more than to meet my beloved in a dream and explore together. We have a great time in waking life, I can't imagine what a great time we'd have "out there" together!


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Re: Meeting others in the dream world?

Postby R99 » 02 Dec 2014 08:47

I had it, and i loved it. but... with a DC girl. i felt love in its full extend. it always feels good, when u have a soul mate. in a dream or in reality. if interested in my experience here it is.
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Re: Meeting others in the dream world?

Postby taniaaust1 » 02 Dec 2014 12:43

I was wondering if you've ever met anyone you loved 'out there' or 'on the astral plane' or in the dream world, then been able to recollect with them later.

I have, I once had a spontanous shared dreaming experience with my daughter and we both woke up immediately after the shared dream and we both remembered it.

I suggest next time if the one you are close to wouldnt get upset about it, to wake him up immediately and ask him right away if he can remember what he just dreamed, otherwise it is very likely the other would of forgotten by morning.

An even weirder experience I had then the shared dreaming one was having an OBE experience and finding that things in my house were odd and not as they should be. (Usually when I have an OBE everything in my house is as if I was physical (unless I come across an entity) and going about it, I dont have my dream stuff coming into my OBEs).

On this other occassion thou, when I walked in my astral form into my lounge room, it was covered in wrapping paper and kids presents/toys which had been opened, boxes of things strewn everywhere. I was like "WTF" is going on here as I know this isnt a dream, why on earth is this in my houses astral? (as I can usually trust my OBES to be seeing like reality).

My daughter then woke up and I asked her what she'd dreamed during the night (I was in the habit of asking her that after the shared dream experience) .. she then said something like.. "I dreamed I was here having a birthday and I had lots of presents given to me. I was opening them all up in the lounge room."

From that experience I assume what I saw was her astral thought projections which were manifested onto the astral. She must finished her dream as I didnt see herself there unwrapping the presents (otherwise this would of ended up as another shared dream too).. but the energetic imprint of her dream was still there of what she'd dreamed and I must of had my experience a very short time later before it had faded out.

Everything which is thought, imprints onto the astral plain.. a brief short thought wont be there for long. The more something emotional impacts someone, the stronger the imprint onto the astral plain and the longer it can last. Her thought form there would of been gone by the next night.
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