Longest Dream Character

What have you learned from your dream characters? What do they say, what do they represent, what motivates them, why do they exist?
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Longest Dream Character

Postby ravynwriter » 09 Dec 2014 23:54

Hello all, fairly new here.

When I saw the forum for Dream Characters I wanted to jump in, because I have had several persistent dream characters since I was a child, but one in particular I really wanted to share.

I first started dreaming about this character when I was about ten years old. I had a recurring dream about travelling through a set of woods near my house. On emerging from the woods I entered into a carefully manicured Scottish landscape and a very large modernized castle. Over the years, the history of this castle and the Dream Character was revealed bit by bit, and in the end inspired a very long book that I am still in the process of editing (and have been 'editing' for about six years now.)

Condensed, the history of the character and castle is this:

The castle was originally built just as a keep by a Lord in the 13 or 1400's. It passed through a few random hands and was extended to a few floors and two wings by subsequent owners. Then, in the late 1700s it fell into the ownership of a Lord who really extended the castle and the grounds and named it Oakfallow. When he was in his fifties/sixties he married a sixteen year old girl named Regina. He had already married once before and had a daughter who was just six years younger than Regina.

Regina soon had a daughter of her own but the child was hidden away (possibly deformed) and died at about four years of age. The Lord of the castle had a 'death doll' made of the deceased child- a life-sized memento mori of the girl with a porcelain face sculpted from her death mask, a carefully crafted body dressed in her clothes. They even went so far as to pluck out the dead girl's hair and eyebrows and meticulously add them to the doll to make her look as 'real' as possible. He kept the doll in a glass case in the large castle library.

About this time, Regina started to go insane. She was cold and cruel and became increasingly psychotic, doing things like forcing a servant to hold two full water buckets at arm's length in front of her while she took tea, and if the servant dropped either bucket before she was finished she'd cut their throat. It became rumored she was a witch and people became terrified of her.

As her husband started to kind of retreat into himself Regina grew more and more forceful and started new construction on the castle, expanding it into three huge wings and adding several secret rooms. Her biggest contribution was a set of 'maze floors'...two floors in one of the wings that seemed to change whenever anyone went in them, rearranging themselves.

I dreamt about this castle so often I literally have sketched maps of the place, each floor, garden, elevator, room, hallway, bathroom, etc.

The stepdaughter was eventually sent away (ostensibly for her own safety) and as the Lord fell old and became ill (poisoned by Regina) his wife lost the last shreds of her sanity. The night the Lord died she went through the castle, systematically murdering all the staff that were left on the grounds. During the process part of one of the wings caught fire. One of the stable boys escaped and notified the authorities. When they arrived they found everyone dead and cornered Regina in one of the castle hallways. As they rushed to apprehend her she stepped through the door into the Maze Halls and disappeared. No trace of her was found again.

The first time I had this dream I had it as the daughter of the modern day caretaker. The castle had been retrofit with plumbing and electricity and modern accoutrements and was a tourist destination in Scotland. The caretaker was a woman and threw a ball at the castle every year to raise funds for castle upkeep and maintenance.

I could go on forever about this but the point was the DC, so I'll just touch on a few points. The husband of the caretaker chooses that night to murder his wife but accidentally murders his daughter instead, and then throws himself off the parapet when he realizes what he'd done. His wife dies at the same time at the hands of an assassin the husband hired but who he'd thought had reneged on the contract. Immediately afterward, Regina returns as this dark supernatural force and the castle becomes haunted. Even so, Regina isn't the main terrifying force in the castle- there's a shapeless shadow of pure evil that moves through the castle- formless but horrifying beyond description. It wasn't there in all the dreams but in most of them it would appear. Later, it turned out that her husband was the 'witch' and had been using her for her energy, driving her insane and tormenting her with demons. She'd poisoned him trying to escape his influence, but before he died he cast a spell or a curse that said if anyone were to 'kill their blood' in the castle the sacrifice would cause the gates of hell to open and he'd return as a demon. In her insanity, she killed everyone in the castle to prevent that sacrifice of a relative killing a relative there. But when the caretaker murdered his daughter the sacrifice was made and hell was opened up, and she came back as kind of a semi-demon with all the dead servants, and the 'dark presence' was actually the true demon that used to be her dead and cursed husband.

Regina started off as a frightening presence but she also seemed oddly protective of me at the same time. It was like she delighted in scaring me but the moment the 'darker' force appeared she would confront it and allow me to escape, or she'd help me find escape on my own. Various other characters appeared on and off through the castle- servants, the dead caretakers, the stepdaughter, and the death doll in the library that would come to life and walk around the castle singing childhood rhymes (very macabre).

Over the decades Regina and I got kind of a grudging relationship going. I was still afraid of her, but at the same time if I got angry enough she would do what I asked her to (at times, as if it were a frustrating duty that needed attending, at others she'd have to be talked into it or shown what was in it 'for her').

After a while, we became kind of friends in a way. I would sometimes ask her for advice or use her as a sounding board for something going on in my life. Sometimes I'd look for her and she wouldn't be there. Then her role seemed to change a bit. She actually appeared as a bartender and ticket taker for the tourists at the castle, and would wink at me like 'we know who I really am but these rubes have no clue'.

The end came in a rather unexpected way, only recently.

I finally came out of the closet after spending my entire life (really religious background and family) deep in denial about my true self. When I did, the castle started appearing more rarely, and when I did come upon it, it was old and abandoned or falling into disrepair. I started to 'worry' about Regina and couldn't find her for the longest time.

The last time I saw her I was looking for the castle and walked into the field only to find it was empty- the landscape was the same but the castle was completely gone. Regina was standing there looking at the spot where it had been, and looked all disheveled and miserable. When I went up to her she started crying and asking 'what do I do now? I was trapped there so long, it's what I was. What do I do now that it's gone?'

I told her that she could do anything she wants now, that she wasn't tied down to the castle and the ghost of her dead husband anymore. That for once, she can do what she wants with her life instead of letting others control it for her.

Yes, I know, the symbolism is pretty frickin' obvious LOL.

She looked at me, and then was suddenly a lot younger and happier than I'd ever seen her before. She hugged me tight and said 'You're right! Thank you for being my friend."

Then I woke up. I haven't dreamt of her or the castle since then.

Oddly enough, I'm tearing up a bit writing this. I know she's just a dream character and a manifestation of my own psyche but part of me still hopes she's out there somewhere, finally free of her demons and able to be happy the way she wants.

Also, I don't know if anyone here has ever watched Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp. The first time I saw that movie I about wet myself. The character Miranda Richardson plays in that movie, Lady Van Trapp I think it is? She *IS* Regina. Same face, same hairstyle, same dresses, everything. During the scene where she's talking to Christina Ricci in the windmill I got chills. The expressions on her face, the way she spoke, the way she said things, even the things she said...ALL were Regina.

It still gives me goosebumps.

Anyway, yeah. Ramble done.

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Re: Longest Dream Character

Postby taniaaust1 » 18 Dec 2014 12:43

interesting dream... thanks for sharing.
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