Would love everyone's opinion on this...

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Would love everyone's opinion on this...

Postby ravynwriter » 10 Dec 2014 18:15

So I had a dream a few months back that was unlike any dream I had ever had before in my life and unlike any dream I've ever heard from anyone else. I'd love to get thoughts and impressions on this, or if someone has ever had a similar experience I'd love to hear it! I didn't even know WILD was a thing or that other people had them (I've only had one and I thought it was a fluke) until I came here so who knows, maybe this is a common occurance too?

This is gonna be long, just because it WAS long and because I tend to ramble, so be warned.

During the events of the dream everything was perfectly clear and real and I felt completely conscious. I thought what was happening was REALLY happening the entire time.

I was laying on the floor of my living room, feeling limp and heavy but comfortable. I couldn't see anything, everything was black (it was black through the entire dream, I never once saw anything. Everything I experienced was touch, smell, sound and taste. Never sight).

As I was laying there I could hear my dog barking, but when I tried to tell her to be quiet or get up I found I couldn't move anything. I didn't seem too concerned with this because I was very comfortable, but I did think it was odd that I was laying on my living room floor. I laid there for what seemed like nearly an hour, just listening to the dog going nuts, when I heard someone knocking at my door. Again, I couldn't move and didn't feel very motivated to try, so I just kept laying there. I heard my neighbor calling my name and the knocking continued for a bit, before she went away again. My phone rang once or twice after that, but about an hour or so seemed to pass before I heard my garage door open.

(Little background. Until March my best friend and her husband lived with me. They still have keys and a remote for my garage in case of emergencies).

I heard BF and BFH come in the house and the dog stopped barking and ran over to greet them. They called my name as they came through the kitchen, then my BF saw me laying on the floor and ran over. I could feel her crouch down next to me, could feel her touching me and shaking me but couldn't move or respond. She told her husband to call an ambulance and through their conversation and their conversation with 911 I found out they discovered a mostly empty, open bottle of oxycodone next to me.

(More background: I have a physical disability that is the result of a genetic condition, and suffer from chronic pain. About a year ago I was put on new medication that handles my condition better and haven't used any prescription opiates since...which I not only hated, but were literally killing me.)

They told the dispatcher about the pills and my BF made some comment about how I wasn't even on those any more and why were they in the house? I could tell both of them thought I had overdosed on the meds on purpose.

When the ambulance arrived my BF stepped back and used her phone to call my mother. I remember her husband was outside talking to the neighbor, telling her what had happened and asking her if she could watch the dog. The EMTs were taking my vitals, trying to get me to respond, asking questions...all in very vivid and thorough detail. I remember thinking it was odd that I couldn't move or talk. I wanted to tell them I hadn't taken the pills to kill myself, that I wasn't suicidal, and being upset because I was fine but just couldn't respond. I remember thinking I didn't want my BF scaring my mother, but I couldn't do anything but lie there.

The EMTs loaded me up and my BF got into the ambulance with me, still on the phone with my mother. BFH said he would take the car and follow them to the hospital. We rode along, and I could hear them talking to the hospital on the radio, asking my BF questions about any allergies, any medications I was on, anything like that. I could hear them reading out my blood pressure and pulse and pulse/ox and everything. All the time my BF is answering their questions and talking to my mother, trying to keep her calm, letting her know where we're going and everything the EMTs are saying.

We get to the hospital and I'm taken through to the emergency room. My BF is told she can't go any further and she has to wait in the waiting room, so she goes to wait for her husband and my folks. They shift me off the stretcher and I can feel them cutting my shirt off and putting monitor pads on my chest and various other things. A doctor comes in, young and female, and starts getting the information about what happened and what they found. They decide I'm stable enough to pump my stomach, and I feel the entire procedure (which wasn't pleasant). I still cannot see anything, even though at more than one point I feel them open my eyelids and shine a light into them, testing my pupilary response. Each time they do, they ask me if I can hear them, if I can respond in some way, if I can move. Everyone is very careful to explain to me everything they're doing (Ok, we're going to put an IV in now, it may feel a bit cold...do you know where you are? Can you talk to us?) and everyone sounds really concerned and caring.

I'm moved into another room and my parents and BF are allowed to come in and see me. My mother is upset but I can tell she's trying to keep a hold on it (and not succeeding very well). I keep trying to move to show her I'm all right but I still can't. I keep going between being upset that they're upset, and being amused- 'I'm really all right. This is so strange. Won't it be funny when I wake up and I can tell them that I was aware of them the whole time?' I wasn't concerned for my own condition because I felt ok, intact and like myself, I was more worried about everyone else.

I heard the doctor telling them that I was in a coma, and that when they'd pumped my stomach they found a few pills but 'not nearly enough to do this and there isn't enough in her system to account for this either. I don't think the pills are the cause of this and I don't think she took the pills in an attempt to hurt herself.'

They said there was nothing on the EKG to suggest a problem with my heart so they were going to do an MRI on my brain. They had my family leave after only a few minutes and then I was left laying there alone for a while, with people coming in and out every few minutes to check on my vitals and blood pressure and stuff. Then, a short time later (maybe twenty minutes) I was moved back to a gurney and wheeled out and had an MRI done. I've had them done before and it was every bit as loud and long as in real life.

Then I was moved again, and left laying for a while again (with regular checks).

To kind of shorten events (everything took place in 'real time'. By this point I felt like this had been going on for hours and I honestly thought I was in a coma in a hospital, aware but unable to move or respond. I thought it was all real), the MRI determined that I had a blood clot in my brain. It wasn't in a spot that would kill me but that it was keeping me in a coma. The doctors told my family that I would have had a horrible headache before the clot finally knocked me out, and that was why I had taken the pills. They were going to give me a few doses of some IV medication that would hopefully dissolve the clot and allow me to wake up, but that it would take at least twelve hours before they would know if it was going to work. They put me in a room for the night and started me on the medication. My stepfather tried to talk my mother into going home and eating and getting a bit of sleep, but she refused to leave, so he brought her some food and she stayed in the room. I remember I could smell the food and hear their entire conversation. He kept reassuring her that the medication would work and I'd wake up and be just fine, that I was tough. She just kept saying 'I'm not going to bury any of my kids. I'm not going to bury her.'

Just before my BF and her husband went home for the night I heard them talking with my mother. My BF told her she had talked to my fiancee (we're an international couple, she's Australian) and told her what had happened, and that my fiancee had dropped everything and had taken money out of savings and gotten on a plane but she wouldn't be here until the next morning.

My mother stayed all night, sleeping in a cot they put up next to my bed. In the morning, they took me down for another MRI to see if the clot was shrinking at all. When they got me back to the room my stepfather had arrived with breakfast for my mother. About an hour later my BF and her husband arrived, and the doctor came in at the same time and told them that the clot had markedly shrunk, that the medication was working and that within a few hours it should hopefully clear enough to allow me to regain consciousness. My BF left about this time to go to the airport to pick up my fiancee.

An hour or two later, my stepfather came in and told my mother they were back, and my mother got up and left the room. I could hear her voice, my fiancee's voice, and my BF's voice outside the room talking for a bit, but i couldn't hear what they were saying. Then they came in the room, and my mother took my hand and said, 'Hey sweetie, F is here. Can you wake up for F?"

Then she stepped away, and I felt my fiancee take my hand and say, "Hey baby, I'm here..."

I tried really, REALLY hard at that point to move, to at least squeeze her hand and let her know I was there and could hear her. That's when I woke up in my own bed, completely disoriented and confused. I took me a few minutes to realize it had all been a dream.

So yeah. Anyone else ever had a dream like that? I still can't believe it and I had it!

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Re: Would love everyone's opinion on this...

Postby dreamstudent » 10 Dec 2014 20:30

No never to that point of vividness and real time, it's interesting you stayed so calm during all of this, I have had lucid dreams that lasted days and days but they were like skipping points of the days leaving out the boring stuff and taking me to the main events it was actually on a cruise ship that i had that dream but anyway, no not as real time as that especially considering your descriptiveness. But very interesting

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Re: Would love everyone's opinion on this...

Postby ravynwriter » 10 Dec 2014 21:48

I stayed calm, I think, mostly because I felt fine. When they kept talking about things like possible brain damage and stuff, I *knew* that I was still myself, thinking clearly, with my full cognitive function. I *knew* there was no brain damage. I wasn't in any pain either (other than the 'pain' they were putting me into- IVs, injections, the darned stomach pump) so I wasn't concerned about that. My concern only came in for my mother and my friends being upset and worried about me, and when they thought I had taken the pills on purpose to kill myself. I've had problems with depression, really BAD depression, but I have never been actively interested in injuring myself or taking myself out of the picture. I was really concerned that they thought I had attempted to do so. After the doctors confirmed I hadn't I felt much better about it.

On and off, I even got excited about it. I was really hoping to come out of the 'coma' and tell them all that I had heard and felt everything that was going on, that people in comas really are aware of what is going on around them. I thought that would help somehow, that other families of people in such states could be reassured their loved ones were still there and aware of everything they said and every kindness and concern they displayed. That we weren't, in fact, our brains and what we think of as 'ourselves' stayed intact.

I was glad to wake up and find it was a dream and that my family wasn't really going through all that (and that, of course, I was not really sick and in a hospital) but I was kind of disappointed about that part of it at the same time...if that makes any sense.

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