Dnd fans and role-players might enjoy this~

What have you learned from your dream characters? What do they say, what do they represent, what motivates them, why do they exist?
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Dnd fans and role-players might enjoy this~

Postby tomoharu » 11 Dec 2014 08:10


(top,left to right: Ayane, Kato, Gatsurua, Kaori. bottom,left to right: Himowari, Aomine, Omarosa, Ryder)

SO I can sometimes call on my original characters to help deal with nightmare situations. I will hopefully get better at it with time, so that I can spend time with them. Then I can learn from them about who they are. My characters are like a puzzle, put them all together and you get me.

The first I'll mention is Gatsurua, who I used to call Umi. The first character that I called on.. and it was SO. COOL! He resembles a Chinese dragon.. but kinda "James in the Giant Peach" style (robot-like, floating in the gray clouds). I couldn't see where he/she ended. I was in awe when Gatsurua used water manipulation to make a tidal wave which destroyed whatever was chasing me. It appeared to me again within the same year, but this time it came from under the sea.

Before I mention the others.. I have only had one dream with some of the others in it. Ayane was a bit late. I only remember seeing Ayane and Kato, but knowing that my other oc's where there. The battle happened in front of my childhood home. I felt like something bad was going to happen so I just called their names and the came to save me! <3 It was so awesome!!

Ayane is my mermaid and my first character. She is very prissy and craves attention. I invisioned her in a ninja outfit fighting with a sword, the way she started out. I would like for her to be more mer-like... (use water manipulation, maybe some scales and fins) hopefully that will happen one day.

Kato, Aomine, and Himo are the Fuuma Clan. They're my siblings. mocha complexion, white hair, blue eyes, flushed cheeks and nose. Kato is the oldest. He's very silent and serious. He usually has black hair, and black eyes. His weapon is a katana. He is a ninja and wears a tight assassin catsuit thing. Aomine is an elven shadowdancer and the youngest. He is mean and quite annoying. Uses a bow, and dual wields short swords. Long white hair, ice blue eyes.. very androgynous. Always gets mistaken for a woman. Himowari is the middle child. She is merc, or a bounty hunter. As long as money is involved... She is my tomboy and doesn't trust anyone. Dual wields guns.

Kaori is my fae/magic user/healer. Just think of the main character in memoirs of a geisha and you have her. Also yuna from Final fantasy. blonde hair(now), pale blue eyes, and tan skin.

Omarosa is a character I have quite figured out yet. I think she might be a vampire.. I'll ask her when I get a chance. but she is deadly, and animalistic.

Ryder is technically me. He(I) am a witch who uses psychokinesis. I believe he showed up in my dream.. but I would like to have the powers and join in on the fight, haha. Think Chronicle, Matilda, or even Carrie. The reason why he has two pictures is because future him goes back into the past and tries to kill his young self. I have no idea how that goes but I think they have settled things and they ae both still alive. They just don't stand close to each other.

That's it! Just needed to document.. hope you got some enjoyment out of this! If you have ever run into your oc's, I would love to hear about it!

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