Dream Character talk in double layer of dreaming.

What have you learned from your dream characters? What do they say, what do they represent, what motivates them, why do they exist?
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Dream Character talk in double layer of dreaming.

Postby dreamstudent » 13 Dec 2014 20:54

I'm on a huge mountain side in Washington state, all the sudden I walk down a path get an Erie feeling and decide to walk back to the car, there are snakes outside a bunch, very poisonous ones and they seemed to be breeding. I maneuvered past them and continued to walk to my car but noticed a giant library outside I then became lucid.

Me- I wonder if this library has any information I can use, I look around the books and cases to hold the books are at least thirty foot tall. I walk up to a man who is clearly a book keeper but dressed as a construction worker,
Me- can you tell me why the snakes were hissing violently at me
Library dude- I certainly can but I won't.
Me - but I know you know why they were doing it
Library - he said yes I do what makes you think I'll tell you.
Me - I said because we are in a dream and I haven't got much time, I know there is a message behind why they did that.
Library guy- he said okay, you have committed at least 39 lance (I remembered the type of violations he said later in writing down dream, lance was used to explain the * * phrases) violations in *being rude when you talk to girls* (except he used a single word that stated the phrase in * *)
Me-ohh I slightly laughed I see?
Library dude- yes, you and I both know these girls were out of your league and yet you decided to treat them badly
Me- I know but I'm just.. Idk what's wrong with me
Library dude: he said something like its okay there's lots of time to learn.
Me- well who's in charge of letting me know what I do right and wrong?
Library dude: he looked at me surprised," don't ya know? The one and only, the manager of this whole operation".
Me- well maybe you could tell me more sometime?

But before he could reply o false awakened, I was in my room and things were different there was a large flat screen on a dresser on the corne where my desk is.r, and I smelt horribly burnt food from the kitchen my dad came in and picked up one of mY dogs by the fur on his neck, I got upset, and then noticed the t.v. in the room was very loud and the exact same conversation I had with this d.c. was replaying on the t.v. as a movie, so I grabbed the remote and paused it after listening again to the exact conversation I had with the d.c. it was fascinating.
Then before I knew it I woke up in my room, the only noise within reach was my fan, besides that no noise in the room.

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