Can no longer become fully lucid

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Can no longer become fully lucid

Postby thealphamabet » 21 Dec 2014 13:09

When I first started lucid dreaming, I would realize I was dreaming, everything would go all weird and shakey, then I would stabilize the dream, say: "demand clarity" and then the dream would be fully vivid/ lucid.

After a few months of not lucid dreaming I have been trying to have then again but have been having problems.
The reason my dreams used to destabilize was because I was super excited, now when I realize I'm lucid, nothing happens, the dream stays the same and slowly looses cour and stability untill I wake up. If I try to make things more vivid, it works, I can star at the ground and see up close detail of the pavement for example, but it doesn't stay. I have even tried shouting " I'm dreaming" to no success.

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Re: Can no longer become fully lucid

Postby thealphamabet » 22 Dec 2014 14:14

I don't think your subconscious knew you were about to cramp, my best bet is that it already was cramping but you just weren't feeling it in the dream yet. Your dream then came up with a believable explanation as to why you leg was hurting

Anyway, just my opinion,

Also, can someone please help me by replying in my thread, I really need some assistance, thanks c:

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Re: Can no longer become fully lucid

Postby HAGART » 29 Dec 2014 08:37

Your second message I think is suppose to be in another thread. I know the one about the leg cramping and it got placed here by mistake. Oops! Awell.

I get some strong images that don't fully start up as a lucid dream, and my suggestion is to start moving and touching things. That helps lock you in and make it more 'real'.

Even if I didn't fully understand the question it doesn't hurt to do that anyway. Or rub your hands, blow on them and rub your chest and face or even a few jumping jacks. That helps me 'lock in' to the dream.

If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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